WIP Summit Webinar Series: Tina Dietz

WIP Summit Webinar Series: Tina Dietz

Unleashing Your Voice to Millions – Audiobook Publishing & Marketing

Did you know that over 4.8 billion dollars in audiobook sales were generated in 2021?

Audiobook publishing is growing at a rate 3 times faster than any other format. Walk down any street and you’ll see people soaking in information through their phones – will your book be available to the millions of listeners looking for content?

Learn if audiobook publication is a good fit for your books

  • Discover how to get your audiobooks produced for 50% less than what it costs the big publishers
  • Get the inside scoop on making your audiobook available to millions of eager listeners on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.
  • Find out how to boost your bottom line and expand your audience.


Tina is the founder and CEO of Twin Flames Studios, an award-winning audio publishing house dedicated to cultivating cultures where excellence, thought leadership, and innovation thrive. Her first podcast, The StartSomething Show, was named by INC Magazine as one of the “Top 35 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs” and her eagerly anticipated new show, “Drink From the Well,” reaches more than 300,000 listeners. Tina is the recipient of both the Evolutionary Business Council MORE Award and the Outstanding Audio Company Award from The Winner’s Circle. She is also a founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Tina is featured in the podcasting documentary “”The Messengers”” as the lead interviewer for the film. Tina splits her time between the US and Costa Rica where she’s part of the leadership team building a community of conscious leaders called Vista Mundo.

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