Smash Your Book Launch!

Smash Your Book Launch!

For self-published and indie authors, marketing is TOUGH. But we've been studying launches and have put together a tested strategy for ensuring our authors SMASH their book launch. A couple times a year, we share our insights, to motivate you and educate you on how you can see great success too!

In this free webinar, you reap the benefits of Alexa Bigwarfe's hard-earned knowledge. From her first self-published book in 2013 to today, Alexa has built a career on helping authors become the most professional author they can be, sharing industry insider info from book production to marketing.

This popular webinar is offered several times a year, and is updated with the newest information on marketing. Alexa just returned from Publishing University and the Children's Book Fair in Bologna, Italy and will share some relevant insights in this webinar.

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Demystifying the Marketing Timeline

Demystifying the Marketing Timeline

Is your marketing strategy actually a strategy or is it a To-Do list?

Does it outline a timeline, tools and resources for success?

Together, we will demystify your marketing timeline. 

One of the biggest questions we receive from authors is “When do I start marketing?” Followed by “And then when do I need to do the rest of the stuff?” And then “What is the rest of the stuff?”

This 90 minute workshop designed to enhance and improve your marketing strategy will provide a look into the major timelines, steps, and actions authors should take to ensure not just the most successful launch, but also a sustainable long-term approach to marketing.

This workshop will lay out all of the major book marketing steps that need to happen in your strategy – from long before launch to a year plus, post launch.

When the workshop is done, you'll have a clear understanding of:
  • What you need to do to market your book, prelaunch, during launch, and post launch
  • When you need to do these things to have the maximum impact on marketing
  • What sort of budget you should have to do these things
  • How you need to be positioned to complete these marketing activities
  • What tools you can use to do them

Bonus: Get a FREE PDF for Ditch The Fear and Just Market It!, the second book in the Ditch the Fear series by Alexa Bigwarfe!

PLUS, add on our Marketing Strategy workshop for just $17 (originally $47).

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WIP Thursday Webinar Series: Finding Ideal Podcasts for Author Visibility

WIP Thursday Webinar Series: Finding Ideal Podcasts for Author Visibility

Build your author brand with podcasts!

We're thrilled to welcome Alex Sanfilippo, founder of PodMatch, to talk about the best way to tackle the podcast pitching process. Alex will explain how to move beyond pitching to book and author-related podcasts to find podcasts that align with your brand and niche, actually helping grow your audience while at the same time, streamlining the entire podcast pitching process so you can focus on what matters, being an author!

Here at Women In Publishing, we use and love Podmatch! Learn more about Podmatch, and explore the site before this webinar so you can ask Alex ALL the questions.

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Email Marketing for More Book Sales

Email Marketing for More Book Sales

Learn the basics of email marketing that will enable you to make more book sales while building a community that can't wait for you next book.  Walk away knowing exactly what to write in your emails, how to set up your email sequence, how to write emails quickly and joyfully, and one easy sequence that will build community who can't wait to read your first or next book.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of an email sequence
  • Tips for crafting powerful and effective emails
  • What makes up an email sequence
  • How to write your own sequence


Brittany Long is the Evergreen Email Strategist, Speaker, and Co-Owner of the evergreen email agency, Win with Systems.Brittany and her team write income-generating automated emails for business owners committed to increasing their revenue while getting off the overwork treadmill. Brittany is also known for her workshops and training in evergreen email marketing.Brittany enjoys spending time outside, hiking with her husband and daughter, traveling, running, cooking, and writing. Together, Brittany, her husband, and their team lead entrepreneurs to a lifestyle of work-life balance with the Friday Off Club.

BONUS: All attendees will recieve Brittany's Read Party Sequence template for free! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at 1PM EST

$25 (Free for WIP School Members!)

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Decoding Book Publicity, with Lilian Sue

Decoding Book Publicity, with Lilian Sue

What's Holding You Back from Seeking PR for Your Book?

Learn how to develop a successful PR strategy that will position you as a global industry leader, step by step!

Learn how to:

  • Develop a healthy & strong PR mindset by setting the right goals and creating mantras that will help you move past mindset blocks (we’ll also cover how those can help bust common PR myths)
  • How to properly position your brand & your book to stand out
  • Build a comprehensive PR strategy that will help you achieve your goals and incorporate key milestones & holidays.
  • Discover some of the tools that will help you find the right media at the right time

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