Demystifying the Marketing Timeline

Demystifying the Marketing Timeline

Is your marketing strategy actually a strategy or is it a To-Do list?

Does it outline a timeline, tools and resources for success?

Together, we will demystify your marketing timeline. 

One of the biggest questions we receive from authors is “When do I start marketing?” Followed by “And then when do I need to do the rest of the stuff?” And then “What is the rest of the stuff?”

This 90 minute workshop designed to enhance and improve your marketing strategy will provide a look into the major timelines, steps, and actions authors should take to ensure not just the most successful launch, but also a sustainable long-term approach to marketing.

This workshop will lay out all of the major book marketing steps that need to happen in your strategy – from long before launch to a year plus, post launch.

When the workshop is done, you'll have a clear understanding of:
  • What you need to do to market your book, prelaunch, during launch, and post launch
  • When you need to do these things to have the maximum impact on marketing
  • What sort of budget you should have to do these things
  • How you need to be positioned to complete these marketing activities
  • What tools you can use to do them

Bonus: Get a FREE PDF for Ditch The Fear and Just Market It!, the second book in the Ditch the Fear series by Alexa Bigwarfe!

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WIP Summit Webinar Series: Jackie Haley – Mastering the Award-Winning Story

WIP Summit Webinar Series: Jackie Haley – Mastering the Award-Winning Story

Mastering the Award-Winning Story

Our  April guest expert is Jackie Haley.

In this free webinar, discover how to:

  • Amazing writing strategies all authors must know, to tell your story that hooks the reader in and brings your book to life.
  • “Must-Have” strategies to polish your manuscript so you can submit your story to publishers, agents and contests with confidence.
  • How to build your credibility and add the title “Award-Winning Author” behind your name.

Presenter Bio: Jackie Haley is an award-winning author with three books published in fiction and narrative non-fiction. Among endorsements from national organizations, hospitals and the largest Iowa newspaper, Jackie had received Gold for Reader Views Award and the International Book Excellence Award. She has traveled the country representing her books and appeared on CBS, NBC as well as been featured in Fox News, YahooFinance, among many other media outlets.

After 17 years of executive work in lobby associations, she started, and has dedicated her time to helping others write, publish and market their first book.

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WIP Webinar Series: Authors in Media

WIP Webinar Series: Authors in Media

Presented by Women in Publishing Summit sponsor, Authors in Media

Authors In Media:  Marketing Your Book and Message in Media

Mary will be sharing her unique Media I.M.P.A.C.T. Method™ which lays out her strategic step-by-step approach to marketing a nonfiction book successfully in traditional Media.

This webinar will be presented by Authors in Media founder, Mary O'Dohonue.

With 12 seasons on The Oprah Winfrey Show, as a Post Producer and Associate Director, plus years on NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, and Meet the Press, and stints in local TV news and radio, Mary is the definition of a Media Insider.

But her decades of experience in media haven’t all been behind the scenes. Mary is also a bestselling author and parenting expert who has been featured in television, radio, print and online interviews. In fact, a single media interview catapulted Mary’s book When You Say Thank You, Mean It to bestseller status on Amazon in 12 hours, not only becoming #1 in Parenting but also breaking into the top 100 overall out of millions of books.

That’s right – one strategic media interview can turn your book into a bestseller.

As a media insider and bestselling author, Mary is uniquely qualified to teach you how to become the “go-to” expert in Media – and you don’t have to hire a publicist.

Please note – Mary works primarily with NONFICTION authors and the event will be geared to that. Fiction authors may take some great points from this, especially if you have a theme or relevant topics that you can discuss in the media – outside of the fact that you've published a book.

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WIP Webinar Series: Authors in Media

WIP Webinar Series: BookFunnel

Presented by Women in Publishing Summit sponsor, BookFunnel

BookFunnel Sorcery: Growing your mailing list like the pros by making superfans super happy

One of the best things about being an indie author is being able to reach your readers directly, and there is no better way to do this than with a mailing list of your very own. As an author, you should take every opportunity to delight your readers and move them along the journey from being just a casual reader of your stuff to a raving superfan of your work. BookFunnel has tens of thousands of authors doing just that, and we see the best tricks they are using to make readers happy and turn them into those superfans. Join Damon Courtney, the creator of BookFunnel, to learn some of the ninja tricks that the biggest indies in the world are using to grow their reader list and make superfans that gobble up everything they write.

BookFunnel is an eBook and Audiobook Delivery Service for Indie Authors and Small Publishers. Learn more and get a discount on BookFunnel plans at

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Getting In Front of Your Target Reader with Belinda Griffin

Getting In Front of Your Target Reader with Belinda Griffin

You've done the work to identify your target audience (or if you haven't, we'll do a quick review on this!) and now it's time to determine how to BEST show up in front of them. in this 90-minute workshop, Special guest expert Belinda Griffin, of the Smart Authors Lab, will teach us how to find ways to show up in front of our ideal reader audience so that we can grow our fan base and sell more books! Come prepared to learn the skills you need to gain more publicity and exposure so that all the right people are talking about your book.

We'll have 45 mins of instruction followed by plenty of time to answer all of your questions.

A recording and any supplemental materials will be provided.

Bonus: Get access to Belinda's 2021 Women in Publishing Summit presentation

Belinda Griffin helps authors of all kinds launch and market their books with impact, so they can grow a thriving community of engaged readers, sell more books and make the difference in the world they care about making.

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, are self-publishing or have a trade deal, Belinda will show you how you can find your readers and be successful with your writing, whatever ‘successful' looks like to you.

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