PublishHER Podcast Episode 97: Amazon Changes Categories – What’s That Mean for Authors? with Dave Chesson

PublishHER Podcast Episode 97: Amazon Changes Categories – What’s That Mean for Authors? with Dave Chesson

Do you want to boost your book's discoverability and skyrocket your sales on Kindle? Are you struggling to get your book noticed in the crowded marketplace? Our guest, Dave Chesson, has the perfect solution to help you achieve your goal of increased book exposure and higher sales on Amazon.

By using effective keywords, you can enhance your book's visibility and attract more potential readers to your page. Dave will be sharing his proven strategies and techniques to help you achieve greater success on Kindle. Get ready to achieve your desired outcome of increased book sales and greater readership through the power of keywords.

The most important part for a book is to make sure that the keywords you're using are synchronous with everything else. – Dave Chesson

Dave Chesson is a rockstar and one of the most knowledgeable people in the book publishing industry, certainly with respect to how to get more visibility through your keywords and categories.

About Dave Chesson:

Possessing a wealth of knowledge in Kindle sales and keyword optimization, Dave Chesson is a leading expert assisting self-published authors in enhancing their book visibility, ultimately resulting in increased sales. Drawing from his experience in search engine optimization and niche website building, Dave understands the intricacies of engaging with target markets on various platforms. As a former military veteran who found success in transitioning into entrepreneurship, Dave is driven by a passion to share his expertise and guide writers in optimizing their online presence and expanding their readership.

In this episode, we covered:

  • Understand how pinpointing the right keywords can dramatically elevate your Kindle book's sales performance.
  • Learn the significance of an eye-catching cover, title, and description on attracting and retaining readership.
  • Tap into the minds of your target readers and communicate effectively for fostering strong engagement.
  • Explore Dave Chesson's incredible journey from serving in the military to pioneering the field of Kindlepreneurship.
  • Master the use of KDP Rocket and other innovative resources for enhancing your book marketing strategies and gaining higher visibility.


Making Sales on Kindle

There are two ways to make sales on Kindle: write a book that Amazon promotes to a pre-existing market, or go find the market somewhere on the Internet, grab their attention, drag them over to your book, and convince them to buy it. It's important to understand the demand opportunities and keywords that people use to search for books on Amazon.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the power of strategic keyword use for boosting Kindle book sales and visibility.
  • Uncover the crucial role of compelling book covers, titles, and descriptions in captivating potential readers.
  • Gain insights into identifying and connecting with your target audience through intentional content creation.
  • Follow the inspiring story of Dave Chesson's transition from military life to becoming a Kindlepreneur founder.
  • Check out KDP Rocket, a powerful tool designed to help authors find profitable keywords for their books on Amazon.
  • Purchase Dave Chesson's book, Kindlepreneur's Book Marketing Guide, for in-depth strategies and tips on how to market your book successfully.

Memorable Moments:

00:09:03 – Keywords for Nonfiction,
When it comes to nonfiction, Dave stresses that keywords are about the pain points or what people are looking for when they search for a book. It's important to find high-demand, low-competition keywords that are synchronous with your book's title, subtitle, and cover.

00:14:14 – KDP Rocket Tool,
Dave Chesson introduces KDP Rocket, a tool that provides authors with Amazon book ideas based on data analysis. The tool suggests better book ideas, provides information on money-making books, competition scores, and the number of people searching for a particular keyword.

00:19:00 – Two-Phase Process for Indexing,
To get Amazon to index a book for a keyword, it must be included in the seven fields for keywords in Kindle Direct Publishing. Other options include including the keyword in the book's title, subtitle, and within the book itself. Additionally, having a high conversion rate over other books for the same keyword will raise a book's ranking.

00:36:33 – Kindle Select and Building a Platform,
Kindle Select can be beneficial for newer authors to gain exposure, but may not be the best choice for established authors with an extensive marketing plan. A well-crafted author bio can also help bridge the gap between the book and the author's platform by connecting readers with the author on a personal level. Content upgrades can help with email sign-ups, but providing readers with a free book or prelude can help build a fan base.

00:46:30 – Getting Noticed as a Writer,
Dave Chesson emphasizes the importance of getting books in front of enough people and the right people. He believes that even amazing writers can miss out on opportunities if they don't get the exposure they need. Using KDP Rocket is just one tactic to help authors get noticed and get their work seen by potential readers.

Learn more at:

Get Publisher Rocket TODAY!

The folks at Kindlepreneur have updated their information on how to choose your categories based on the changes at Amazon, so be sure to check that out here!

Categories and Keywords with PublisherRocket

Categories and Keywords with PublisherRocket

Rocket to the top of the best-seller list on Amazon

In this hour long webinar, we'll dive into the details of how Keywords and Categories work on Amazon, tactics authors can use to gain traction, and optimization for effective sales results.

Included topics are:
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– Discovering and applying secret Amazon categories most authors don’t know about
– Learning how to become a category bestseller without spending thousands
– Strategies to make a book more discoverable to target readers
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Email Marketing for More Book Sales

Email Marketing for More Book Sales

Learn the basics of email marketing that will enable you to make more book sales while building a community that can't wait for you next book.  Walk away knowing exactly what to write in your emails, how to set up your email sequence, how to write emails quickly and joyfully, and one easy sequence that will build community who can't wait to read your first or next book.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of an email sequence
  • Tips for crafting powerful and effective emails
  • What makes up an email sequence
  • How to write your own sequence


Brittany Long is the Evergreen Email Strategist, Speaker, and Co-Owner of the evergreen email agency, Win with Systems.Brittany and her team write income-generating automated emails for business owners committed to increasing their revenue while getting off the overwork treadmill. Brittany is also known for her workshops and training in evergreen email marketing.Brittany enjoys spending time outside, hiking with her husband and daughter, traveling, running, cooking, and writing. Together, Brittany, her husband, and their team lead entrepreneurs to a lifestyle of work-life balance with the Friday Off Club.

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Vervante Helps Authors Sell Directly To Readers {Webinar}

Vervante Helps Authors Sell Directly To Readers {Webinar}

Women in Publishing 2019 Webinar Series


This month, we were delighted to have one of our favorite people, Cindy Tyler, CEO of Vervante. Cindy presented on options for selling books directly from your website. She also talked about the power of the email list, and why book marketing is an ongoing project. This is our last Women in Publishing webinar for 2019!

Where Inspiration Flows and Business Grows

Vervante offers what no other publisher does – the ability to grow by connecting with your customers. Subscriber email lists are your #1 asset for business growth, so why send your customers to another site to buy? Sell from your site, send us the order from ANY shopping cart, and we'll print and ship to your customers. Whether you need one or thousands we've got the easy, affordable solutions you need.


Watch the Replay:

You can also watch the replay on YouTube. 


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Why Sell Books Directly To Your Audience?

Why Sell Books Directly To Your Audience?

Selling Books Directly To Your Readers

Independent authors certainly have a love-hate relationship with Amazon. There's no getting around the fact that Amazon is THE number one stop for readers looking for books.  As hard as it can be to get your book noticed on Amazon, there are strategies to work your book up through Amazon's rankings. Having your book on Amazon comes at a cost, though. You pay a hefty commission to Amazon–essentially, Amazon makes more per book than you do for the book.

The best way to keep the lion's share of book sales is to sell books directly to readers, via your own website or in-person events. Companies such as Women in Publishing Summit sponsor Vervante, will help you put a shopping cart on your website and distribute your book to readers. It is important to note that if you have your book on Amazon, AND you are selling directly from your website, to abide by Amazon's pricing policies, namely that you cannot sell your book cheaper on your website than Amazon.

Benefits of Selling Books Directly From Your Website

  • You can build relationships with your readers. When someone buys your book from Amazon, there is no way to follow up with them or add them to your mailing list. When they order from you, you can capture their email and send a personal thank you!
  • Higher profit margins. You can sell your book at the same price as it is listed on Amazon, but pocket more money from sales.
  • You can create your own attractive sales page, with your own branding.  Whether you design your page yourself, or use an out of the box solution such as WooCommerce or Shopify, you have creative control. The best part is that Vervante works with many of the available e-commerce solutions out there.


There is more work involved in selling books directly from your own website, but in exchange, you get to keep more of your hard-earned sales!

Join us on Thursday, October 17th for a free webinar with Cindy Tyler, CEO of Vervante.

Cindy Tyler is founder and owner of Vervante, a publishing and distribution company with a 17-year track record. The Vervante team provides services for authors and infopreneurs to create and distribute books and a wide variety of products quickly and easily. Best of all, they do so without hidden fees or any hassle. Before launching Vervante, Cindy had a 17-year career with Xerox as a highly successful account manager. She then worked for a start-up company in Silicon Valley building a print on demand business before “print on demand” was much of a concept. Several corporations were early converts to the concept of printing their books on demand rather than using traditional publishing methods. The startup company went public and was then bought out by Barnes& Shortly thereafter the dot-com bubble burst and the company was shut down. Within a few weeks, Cindy started Vervante and she hasn’t once looked back.

Learn more about how Vervante can help you sell more books, and participate in a live Q&A with Cindy!

If you can't attend live, we'll send you the replay.


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