PublishHER Podcast Episode 120: What Should I Do Before I Research an Editor? with Jenny Hubert

PublishHER Podcast Episode 120: What Should I Do Before I Research an Editor? with Jenny Hubert

Fantasy editor Jenny Hubert dives into the world of genre-specific editing, guiding indie authors towards improved manuscript quality.

Jenny Hubert, a seasoned freelance editor and writer based in the New York City area, brings over nine years of expertise in the editing domain, underpinned by a degree in communications and writing. Her unparalleled experience includes editing numerous number one new releases on Amazon for fantasy authors, solidifying her reputation as a go-to professional in the indie author community. Jenny's commitment to assisting authors in refining their manuscripts is evident in her publication, “The Book Editor Matchmaker,” which offers comprehensive guidance on vetting and hiring a book editor. With a keen focus on developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, and proofreading, Jenny provides invaluable genre-specific insights and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring improved manuscript quality for indie authors. Her dedication to enhancing the editing process and elevating authors' work positions her as an indispensable resource for indie authors seeking expert guidance in the editing journey.

“Remember, your editor is your friend and your partner to help you get your book better, not to tear you down.” – Jenny Hubert

Navigate Different Types of Editing
The editing process isn't one-dimensional; it expands through various stages from developmental to copy editing. It's crucial for authors to understand these stages and their specific needs in each. Balancing between focusing on the big-picture elements of the story and the nitty-gritty details like grammar and punctuation can greatly enhance the final manuscript.


Key Takeaways

  • Master the Art of Editing for Publishing Success
  • Navigate the Different Types of Book Editing
  • Discover How to Find the Ideal Editor for Your Genre
  • Explore Top Resources for Finding Professional Editors

Memorable Moments:

00:00:25 – Importance of Editing in the Writing Process
Host Alexa and Jenny discuss the crucial role of editing in the journey of writing a book. They emphasize the importance of editing to ensure a final product that readers will love and adore.

00:01:50 – Journey to Becoming an Editor
Jenny shares her journey of becoming an editor, starting with a degree in communications and writing. She discusses how the demand for book editors surged during the pandemic, leading her to dive into fulfilling the need for authors.

00:04:24 – Understanding Types of Editing
Jenny explains the five main types of editing – manuscript critique, developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, and proofreading. She emphasizes the importance of knowing the order of these editing types and their impact on the writing process.

00:06:16 – Managing Author Expectations
Alexa and Jenny discuss the role of an editor in improving a book, highlighting that an editor's goal is to elevate the book rather than achieving perfection. They emphasize the need for manageable and achievable advice to avoid overwhelming authors during the editing process.

00:14:50 – Importance of Genre in Editing
Jenny Hubert emphasizes the importance of finding an editor who works within your genre. Knowing the difference between fiction and nonfiction, as well as understanding the subgenre, is crucial for effective editing.

00:16:16 – Understanding Subgenres
Jenny discusses the impact of subgenres on editing, using an example of a cozy fantasy. Understanding the subgenre allows for tailored advice to match the specific style and stakes of the story.

00:18:27 – Finding the Right Editor
Jenny recommends resources like the Editorial Freelancers Association and Reedsy for finding an editor. She also highlights the value of author referrals for identifying a suitable editor for a specific genre.

00:20:47 – Specialization in Genres
Jenny mentions her primary focus on fantasy, science fiction, contemporary, and historical fiction editing. She explains her decision to avoid editing romance due to lack of familiarity with the genre's tropes.

00:21:36 – Contacting Jenny Hubert for Editing
Jenny shares that authors can reach out to her through her website,, to inquire about her editing services. She prefers email correspondence for official communications.

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