The 2024 Workshops for Authors of Children’s Books

The 2024 Workshops for Authors of Children’s Books

Workshops for Authors of Children's Books

We're excited to bring a great lineup of sessions to our ever growing segment of our audience: authors writing children's books!

The Women in Publishing Summit is a 4 day virtual event, March 6-9, 2024. All sessions are recorded, and you can view as many times as you'd like until Dec. 31, 2024. We also have networking and community building events, and special sessions. It's a LOT of fun!

Be sure to get your ticket today so you can enjoy all of these workshops for children's book authors in the conference, and revisit the content in the recordings all year! 


Audience: Children's Book Authors

“Marketing and Selling Books to the K-12 Market”
Presenter: Jane Wood
Schools can be a lucrative market for authors and publishers, but their priorities are different from other buyers. Educators at the local, district, and state levels are looking for books that will reinforce what is being taught in their classrooms. In “Marketing and Selling Your Books to the K-12 School Market,” Jane R. Wood will share how to connect with the decision-makers to this unique market and what marketing strategies will be most successful. Attendees will learn: What kind of specific content is appealing to educators, who are the buyers and how to contact them, and how author visits to schools increase book sales.

****This session was a preconference bonus workshop, so you'll gain immediate access to this upon purchase of your ticket. And it was AMAZING!

“Writing Books for Young Readers: Determining what type of Children's Book to Write”
Presenter: Jen Navarre
Audience: Beginner Author

At the conclusion of this session you will know:
1 – The differences between picture books, early readers, and chapter books
2 – How to determine the best audience for your book and why this matters for emerging readers
3 – Tips for revision so your book aligns with what's already on the market

“What you REALLY need to Know About Writing and Publishing a Children's Book”
Presenter: Alexa Bigwarfe, Purple Butterfly Press
You may know Alexa as the host behind the Women in Publishing Summit, but what you may NOT know is that she's also the publisher behind Purple Butterfly Press, an award winning hybrid children's book company. Through the years of publishing children's books, she has developed a wealth of knowledge about the key things most indie picture book authors don't know. This session will cover topics such as: word count for your books (this is one that gets messed up all the time!), ensuring your book is leveled for the appropriate age group, understanding the needs of schools and librarians, distribution and print options, when and how to start your marketing, and more. This is a key session for anyone just starting a children's book, in the process of writing one, or previously published and not seeing the success they want.


“The Three Biggest Mistakes Children's Book Authors Make”  *PRERECORDED SESSION”
Presenter: Brooke Van Sickle
Audience: Beginner Author

By the end of this session, you'll know:
1 – What do with a new story idea
2 – How to get started with your first draft
3 – The biggest mistakes writers make when it comes to illustrations

“Picture Book Design and Production: Book Formatting and Design for Children's Books”
Presenter: Tamara Dever
Audience: Beginner Author

Picture books must deliver a big punch in a small package. It is vital that each piece is carefully planned and executed to put together the best packages possible to deliver your special story.
1 – Learn the production options available, whether printing digitally, offset, or on-demand
2 – Learn why you need both illustration and design and how they work together to bring your story to life
3 – Learn how planning for production while you're writing can streamline the book creation process and even improve your book.

A Printer's Guide to Offset Printing Your Children's Book
Presenter: Lori McKnight, MCRL

In this session, the pros and cons of both offset and POD printing with real-life examples will be discussed to help writers make an informed decision on the best route for their book and business. This session is really important for children's book authors who are looking to do a high quality print run of their books, rather than Print on Demand. MCRL also has a great resource guide for formatting picture books for print, available to our attendees.

“Amazon Ads for Authors”
Presenter: April Cox
April is an expert in Amazon Ads AND in children's books. She'll be teaching how to set up and effectively use Amazon Ads to drive more traffic and sales to your book.
Audience: Already published or close to publishing

“Metadata for Beginners: The Key to Driving Discoverability and Sales”
Presenter: Kathy Meis, Bublish
This workshop is critical for all new and beginner authors. Knowing and understanding what your meta data is, and how to make sure you've made the right choices, will make or break how discoverable your book is once it's published.

“Book Influencers: How to find, contact, and work with readers on social media”
Presenter: Manon Wogahn
While not specific to children's book authors, social media is a key component for picture book authors. Influencers can help you get far more eyes on your book than you can alone. This will be a good one for children's book authors to attend!
Audience: Already published or close to publishing

These are the sessions that speak directly to authors of children's books. We have three children's book publishers/support companies who will be at the Sponsor meet and Greet, (Old Mate Media, Purple Butterfly Press, and Children's Book Mastery) and many other general sessions and marketing sessions that, while not specifically geared to children's book authors, are relevant to ALL authors in their marketing.


See the full schedule here and grab your ticket today!

We hope to see you at the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit!

A Spotlight on the 2024 Workshops for Fiction Writers

A Spotlight on the 2024 Workshops for Fiction Writers

Workshops for Fiction Writers

We've got such a great lineup of workshop for fiction writers in the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit!

This year, we are presenting workshops for your specific needs, focusing on your level of experience. With a variety of workshops to choose from, you're sure to find one (or several!) that will help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams as a fiction writer.

The conference runs live via Zoom March 6-9, 2024. All sessions are recorded, and you can replay to your heart's extent until Dec. 31, 2024. We will learn, laugh, and leverage new opportunities together!

Be sure to get your ticket today so you can enjoy all of these workshops for advanced authors in the conference, and revisit the content in the recordings all year! 


Audience: Fiction Writers (sessions for beginner through advanced level)

“Six Secrets Every Indie Fiction Author Should Know”
Presenter: Alessandra Torre
It’s easy to get overwhelmed, frustrated and confused. New York Times bestselling author Alessandra Torre will share her six secrets, that include understanding the differences between successful and non-successful fiction authors, the types of novels are the easiest and most profitable to sell, the stumbling block that derails most careers, and why a “failed” release isn’t the kiss of death.

“How to Write a Well-Structured Scene”
Presenter: Savannah Gilbo
Beginner level attendees will learn the importance of well- structured scenes from start to finish, what it is to write a meaningful arc and how to troubleshoot scenes that need work.

“Every Word Matters: Using Prose to Enhance Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction”
Presenter: Wendy Van Camp
Beginner level attendees will learn about Meaning, Voice, Tone, Rhythm/Meter, Sound Devices, and Word Choice and how to best apply them as a novelist.

“How to Survive and Succeed as a Writer (without breaking your heart or losing your mind)”
Presenter: Gabriela Pereira
In this fast-paced session, Gabriela
1 – Debunks some major myths about creativity
2- Shares key mindset shifts that will help you get past blocks and get back to writing
3 – Walks you through an essential technique that will change your creative process forever.

“The At of Giving and Receiving Feedback”
Presenter: Georgia Clark
In this presentation, attendees will learn how to give feedback that expresses your ideas in a helpful way, how to receive feedback, even when it’s hard to hear, and how to turn feedback into a solid, achievable revision plan you feel excited to tackle.

“From Flat to Fabulous: Reviving Characters with Dynamic Body Language”
Presenter: Stacy Juba
By the end of this session, beginner and intermediate authors will
1 – Know how to identify and avoid the most overused nonverbal phrases that result in flat characters and lackluster writing
2 – Gain strategies for enriching nonverbal communication, allowing your unique voice to shine and fostering deeper reader connections with your characters
3 – Learn three critical mistakes to steer clear of when using nonverbal communication in your writing

“Six Techniques to Create More Compelling Novels”
Presenter: Shirley Jump
This is an interactive class will guide you into more powerful writing. Benefits include
1 – Deeper, richer plot
2 – Stronger, more compelling characters
3 – A tool to make any aspect of your book more unique

“The Art of Immersion: Boost Productivity and Morale with Journaling, Role-Playing, and Method Writing Techniques”
Presenter: Eryka Parker
By the end of this presentation, you will know
1 – How to create compelling imagery through vivid descriptions and emotions
2 – How to tap into your reader's deepest needs, wants, and desires
3 – Ways to create a writing strategy that defies obstacles and embraces your author theme

“Creating Believable Characters Using Myers Briggs Types”
Presenter: Barbara V. Evers
The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) will help you answer questions about your characters, such as, what makes them tick? How do they recharge? What type of information do they trust? And more.
After this session, you will be able to
1 – Establish your character's type
2 – Recognize examples of the four areas that create the sixteen MBTI types and how you might use this information to create characters who leap off the page
3 – Begin to develop how your character behaves under normal circumstances and how their enviroment might change those behaviors
4 – Describe what happens to your character's type under stress and conflict

“Writing About Grief and Trauma in Your Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction Books”
Presenter: Jacci Turner
This session focuses on writing characters who have experienced trauma with sensitivity and compassion, without spreading misinformation.

“Show, Don't Tell: A Secret Weapon for Writers”
Presenter: Leslie J. Hall
After this session you will
1 – Understand what the phrase “show, don't tell” means for your story
2 – How to identify “telling” prose
3 – How to convert “telling” to “showing”
4 – What is it okay to tell
5 – How to use point of view to height ‘show, don't tell'

“From Data to Drama: Leveraging Market Research to Create Bestselling Fiction”
Presenter: Jana S. Brown
By the end of this session, you will know
1 – How to research the genres you are passionate about to find out what your audience needs to be satisfied
2 – How to choose your cover, blurb, and details about your content to fit wtih the best sellers in your genre
3 – Why market research matters and how it can be applied to work that is completed, or used to create a writing plan for your newest novel

“Serving Your Superfans: How to Build and Foster a Fandom”
Presenter: Steff Green
Participants in this workshop will learn what fans are, how they respond to a strong brand, and how to cultivate fandom into your work from the beginning. 

“From Page to Screen: Screenwriting Basics for Novelists”
Presenter: JoAnn Sky
This workshop will teach writers how to understand the strengths and weaknesses, similarities and differences of adopting a novel into a script. Important information will be shared in this session such as structural choices made during the adaptation process, stylistic components to embed in your script, formatting requirements, and more.

While these are the sessions that speak directly to fiction writers, you'll also receive a large number of sessions that are for the general audience, special sessions, and lots of networking time. Plus, time to meet with our sponsors and publishers!

“My Facebook Ads are Failing: Strategies to Reboot and Improve the Performance of Your Facebook Ads”
Presenter: Malorie Cooper
Attendees of this session will learn from a Facebook ad expert the basics of utilizing Facebook ads, the set up and creation, and how to grow your audience from the use of ads on Facebook.

There are other sessions in the GENERAL track that may also be applicable, so check out the full schedule below!

See the full schedule here and grab your ticket today!

We hope to see you at the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit! We're Better Together!

Setting Goals for Your Book Launch

Setting Goals for a Successful Book Launch

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I’m here to tell you that a book about Rome wasn’t either! It takes more than just raw talent and passion to launch your book. You need a plan. 

A Spotlight on the 2024 Workshops for Publishing Professionals

A Spotlight on the 2024 Workshops for Publishing Professionals

Workshops for Publishing Professionals

This year, we're really excited to offer a track for all of the professionals in our community! These are sessions for publishers, publishing assistants, self-publishing assist professionals, editors, and others who are building businesses in the publishing industry!

If you're a publishing professional, there are several sessions just for you at the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit! This year we have some really good sessions specifically for you.

Be sure to get your ticket today so you can enjoy all of these workshops for publishing professionals in the conference and revisit the content in the recordings all year! 

Audience: Publishing Professionals

“Beyond the Red Pen: Amplifying Author Voice Through Skillful Editing”
Presenter: Angela James
In this workshop, editors will move through a 5-step approach of working with authors in a way that creates a positive editing environment that respects author voice, and amplifies and highlights the author’s vision, while also polishing and enhancing the story to create the best reader experience possible.

“Welcome, Ghosts: Should Your Writing Client Use a Ghostwriter?”
Presenter: E, Danielle Butler
This session will walk publishing professions through the considerations of working with a ghostwriter.

“The 42 Minute Hour: A Time Management Tool for Enhancing Business Productivity”
Presenter: Michelle Oucharek-Deo
This workshop is a time mentoring program for real women whose goals often get sidelined by everyday challenges and the technique shared can revolutionize your productivity, not just in writing but in managing many areas of your life.

Everything You Need to Know About Prepping for Taxes”
Presenter: Lily Tran
Join Lily Tran to learn about how to best prepare your small business for tax season!​

“The Case for Community: Why Editors and Freelancers Need to Find Their People”
Presenter: Tara Whitaker
This part how-to, part tell-all session discusses why and how joining or building the right values-focused virtual community- whether as an author, editor, or creative freelancer- has become necessary for a stronger and more sustainable solo business.

“Offset Printing vs POD- Truths, Lies, and Virtual Examples”
Presenter: Lori McKnight
In this session, the pros and cons of both offset and POD printing with real life examples will be discussed to help writers make an informed decision on the best route for their book and business.

“Developmental Editing of Fiction Concepts and Deliverables: An Intro to Developmental Editing for Copyeditors and Others Considering Adding it as an Editing Service”
Presenter: Miranda Darrow
During this workshop, an overview of developmental editing will be shared, and a discussion on main developmental editing concepts will take place, with examples of deliverables and more.

“Achieve Success – Find the Manual to Your Brain and Optimize Your Workspace”
Presenter: Dayna Reidenour and Penni Askew
In this presentation, authors and service providers will learn different ways to approach their work with a focus on neurodivergent brains and ways to flourish using methods that fit for every person.

“How to Motivate Your Author in Marketing Strategy”
Presenter: Nev March
This presentation cover an approach to building an effective marketing plan with a publisher.

“Goal Focused Distribution”
Presenter: Keri-Rae Barnum
This workshop will cover distribution opportunities for print books, eBooks and audiobooks and the costs, time commitments, and sustainability for every option.

“The Top Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed for Your Publishing Business”
Presenter: Tara Alemany
Workshop attendees will learn of tools that streamline publishing to give them the productivity boost needed to run their business efficiently and effectively.

“How to be Successful as a Publisher at In-Person Book Signing Events”
Presenter: Jen Milius
You have an in-person event, like a book fair, book signing, or table at a conference, lined up – now what? How do you create a wonderful experience and best present yourself, your authors, all of your books and your business?

When this presentation is complete, attendees will be able to:
1 – Have the right mindset for success
2 – Understand what is needed for publishers to put themselves, their authors, and their businesses in the best light
3 – Know how to shine during the event for your business AND your authors.

This session will also be valuable for authors looking to do more in person events.

“Leveraging LinkedIn for Entrepreneurial Authors and Editorial Professionals”
Presenter: Jessican Andersen
Authors, publishers, editors, freelancers, and industry professionals will learn how to turn their long-neglected LinkedIN profile into a powerful marketing asset for their personal brand or business in this session.

“Building a Media Kit That Gets Your Author Noticed”
Presenter: DiAnn Windsor
This workshop will cover the elements of a media kit, where to find templates that are editable, how to write and distribute a press release, and how to find the right person to send the kit to.

Join the Summit for these and many more sessions you will be able to access through the end of the year!

See the full schedule here and grab your ticket today!

We hope to see you at the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit!

PublishHER Podcast Episode 105: DIY your MFA with guest Gabriela Pereira

PublishHER Podcast Episode 105: DIY your MFA with guest Gabriela Pereira

Are you a fiction or genre writer looking to take your craft to the next level? Join DIY MFA, where founder Gabriela Pereira empowers writers to succeed in their chosen genres with their unique approach to teaching.

In this episode, our guest Gabriela Pereira will debunk some writing myths about whether you need an MFA to be a good writer and help you develop a stronger foundation for success in your chosen genres.

DIY MFA provides a space for self-starters who want to learn and succeed in their chosen genres. – Gabriela Pereira

In this episode, you'll be able to:

  • Understand how DIY MFA homes in on fiction and genre writers, opening up new avenues of storytelling and engagement.
  • Gain insights into the unique analytical techniques taught by DIY MFA, geared towards enriching your literary perspective and writing abilities.
  • Recognize the convenience and adaptability of DIY MFA's courses, designed to accommodate diverse interest levels and schedules.
  • Uncover the smooth enrollment procedure and the ready accessibility of DIY MFA's courses, bringing superior writing instruction to your doorstep.
  • Grasp the fundamental values of this program and their indispensable part in guiding your literary journey, inspiring originality, and enhancing your narrative capacity.


DIY MFA's distinct focus on genre and fiction writers

Gabriela Pereira's program provides unique support for genre and fiction writers. The organization stands out by working to fill the gap often left by traditional MFA programs, which typically exclude specialization in genres like romance or cozy mystery. This distinct focus ensures these writers receive the guidance and resources they need to excel in their craft.

Key Takeaways

  • DIY MFA helps genre and fiction writers to learn the strategies and techniques peculiar to these writing genres.
  • Unveil the reading strategies and analytical tools taught by DIY MFA, aiming to empower and streamline your writing process.
  • Get familiar with the tailored adaptability and ease-of-access of DIY MFA's courses, facilitating writing education tailored to your needs.

Memorable Moments:

00:01:17 – The Beginnings of DIY MFA,
Gabriella shares the story of how DIY MFA started as an idea after her graduation from a traditional program. She explains how the concept gained traction through a blog post and an experiment in September 2010, and how it eventually grew into a business model.

00:06:03 – Taking an Entrepreneurial Approach,
Alexa and Gabriella discuss the importance of taking an entrepreneurial approach to writing and how DIY MFA helps writers do just that. They highlight the opportunities that have arisen due to the boom in self-publishing and the need for writers to build their own author platforms.

00:08:01 – The Three Components of DIY MFA,
Gabriella explains the three components of DIY MFA: writing with focus, reading with purpose, and building a community. She discusses how DIY MFA addresses both the craft and motivation/productivity aspects of writing, as well as the importance of reading widely and strategically.

00:13:56 – DIY MFA's Focus on Fiction Writing,
DIY MFA primarily focuses on fiction and memoir writing, providing resources and courses for writers with a narrative or storyline. However, they also welcome poets, essayists, and genre fiction writers who are often overlooked by traditional programs.

00:15:12 – Meeting the Needs of Genre Writers,
DIY MFA recognizes the lack of MFA programs that specialize in genre fiction writing. They aim to fill this gap by offering resources and instruction specifically tailored to genre writers, helping them improve their craft and find the support they need.

Learn more at:

Visit the DIY MFA website: This is the official website of Gabriela Pereira's program. Here, you can find information about the program, including courses, resources, and community opportunities.

Check out the DIY MFA book: Gabriela Pereira is the author of DIY MFA: Write with Focus, Read with Purpose, and Build Your Community. This book is a comprehensive guide to creating your own experience and is available for purchase on various online platforms, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For more information check out Gabriela's LinkedIn profile or follow her on social media.

Want more tips for fiction authors? Here are a few recent podcast episodes:
PublishHER Podcast Episode 104: Using Archives to Write Your Book with Amy Tector

PublishHER Podcast Episode 104: Using Archives to Write Your Book with Amy Tector

Amy Tector and Alexa Bigwarfe discuss using archives for both research and setting in your novels. Amy is the author of THE HONEYBEE EMERALDS, a book club fiction set in Paris and THE FOULEST THINGS, a murder mystery set in Ottawa.

If you're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the lack of historical accuracy and engaging details in your writing, despite your best efforts to research, then you need to try using archives. Throughout the episode, Amy highlights how they can contribute to the authenticity and richness of a narrative, offering unique historical details and unexpected stories. She encourages writers not to shy away from archives and explores the accessibility of these valuable resources.

Archives give you the unfiltered life, the unexpected things that were never created with a purpose, making them a great resource for writers. – Amy Tector

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The indispensable contribution of archives in supplementing research and crafting insightful write-ups.
  • How to exploit them for polished research work essential in writing.
  • Amy Tector's riveting encounter with using primary sources from archives to fuel her literary creations.
  • Canada's National Archives Library and Archives Canada collection of historical records and documents.
  • Why you should explore the archive department in your local area or the archives related to your specific writing interests to uncover hidden stories and insights.
  • Consider incorporating archival research into your own writing process to bring a unique perspective and depth to your stories.
  • The importance of encouraging people to support indie authors by buying their books and spreading the word!
  • Amy Tector's debut novel, The Honeybee Emeralds, available now.


Uncovering the Role of Archives

Archives act as a treasure trove of history, housing original, unpublished materials. They're akin to libraries but hold a distinct, more candid take on past events, people and societies. Understanding and utilizing these distinct resources can inject an authentic flavor into writing, enhancing its immersive quality. The digitization of certain resources has eased access, though a significant portion still requires in-person visits. Seizing the potential of these unique records can deliver a riveting experience, giving writers the extraordinary opportunity to touch and connect with materials once held by historical figures.

Key Takeaways

  • Archives magnify the value of history and enhance a writer’s perspective.
  • Learn essential strategies for leveraging archived materials to construct a well-researched and informed narrative.
  • Walk alongside Amy Tector as she unfolds her adventure of incorporating archives in her masterpiece mystery novels.
  • Get acquainted with the open-access nature of your local archive department and the support extended by reference archivists.

Memorable Moments:

00:07:38 – Using Archives for Research,
Before visiting an archive, it's essential to have a good understanding of your research topic. Primary materials are unique, so knowing where to find them requires prior knowledge. Many archive departments still require in-person visits, offering the experience of physically touching historical documents.

00:11:21 – Amy Tector's Journey with Archives,
Amy's interest in writing and history led her to a career in archiving. She worked as a reference archivist, answering research questions and discovering countless story ideas. Her novels, including “The Dominion Archives Mysteries,” are heavily influenced by her experiences and fascination.

00:16:05 – Using Archives for Storytelling,
Amy Tector discusses their value in storytelling, particularly for authors writing historical fiction or stories with a historical element. While they can be intimidating, there are reference archivists available to help researchers navigate and access the information they need.

Want more tips for fiction authors? Here are a few recent podcast episodes: