PublishHER Podcast Episode 107: PR & Marketing for Authors with Paige Dungan

PublishHER Podcast Episode 107: PR & Marketing for Authors with Paige Dungan

Are you an author struggling to get noticed? In this episode, Paige Duncan reveals her PR secret to breaking into the magazine world and landing on bestseller lists.

Paige Dungan is a publicist who helps authors become best sellers. We discuss the key action steps to launching your book, utilizing media and reviews to sell more books.

To become a bestseller, focus on growing your email list, building relationships with media contacts, and engaging with your target audience on social media. Lay the foundation for success and watch your book sales soar. – Paige Dungan

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to identify key media outlets, journalists, and influencers in your niche or industry, and create a plan to reach out to them and land coverage for your book.
  • Being a source of expertise for magazines – reach out to the editors with information for potential stories
  • Utilizing your BYLINE in articles to gain more attention
  • When to start your marketing efforts and the key things you need to be doing
  • The importance of your email list
  • Why National media is critical if you want to land on a best sellers list
  • Why you need to GET SOCIAL

Explore Bestseller Campaigns

Bestseller campaigns are a core focus of book PR and marketing efforts, requiring careful planning and strategic execution. Traditionally, such campaigns need to kick off at least six months prior to a book's release to build up sufficient momentum. The result is heightened buzz around the book launch, increased chances of securing a spot on prestigious bestseller lists, and wider reach to the target audience, all of which can contribute significantly to achieving robust book sales.

Key Takeaways

  • Boost your book sales with effective marketing and PR strategies that maximize visibility and reach.
  • Break into the magazine world and get featured in publications, expanding your author platform and attracting new readers.
  • Use these proven bestseller campaigns and strategies that can help you land on traditional bestseller lists and position yourself as a successful author.
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that encompasses various channels and tactics to effectively promote your book and connect with your target audience.
  • Leverage the power of social media to promote your books, engage with your readers, and build a loyal fan base.

Memorable Moments:

00:05:26 – Breaking into Magazines,
One way for authors to break into magazines is by submitting original content through a byline strategy. Magazines often have lean teams and are in need of content. Building relationships with editors is also important for getting featured in magazines.

00:09:11 – Bestseller Campaigns,
Bestseller campaigns can take different forms, including traditional bestsellers like the New York Times list, Amazon bestsellers, and trade magazine bestsellers. Traditional bestsellers require a strong marketing and PR strategy, starting at least six months in advance, and focusing on paid ads, funnels, email lists, and national media coverage.

00:15:18 – Overcoming Self-Doubt and Asking for Reviews,
Paige emphasizes the importance of overcoming self-doubt as an author and encourages authors to ask for reviews. She reminds authors that they are the expert and should have confidence in their work.

00:29:45 – Introduction to Quora,
Paige explains how Quora is an amazing platform where writers and publishers can ask and answer questions. Users can engage with the content by voting and commenting, making it a valuable tool for authors to promote their books.

00:30:56 – Using Google to Find Trending Questions,
Paige shares a strategy for using Google to find trending questions related to the theme of your book. By answering these questions on Quora, authors can reach a larger audience and build a following.

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