Your Editing Journey: How to Navigate Your Story Edit, Copy Edit, and Professional Edit Before Publishing

Your Editing Journey: How to Navigate Your Story Edit, Copy Edit, and Professional Edit Before Publishing

Editing is essential to publishing, so we have brought in experts to help you. Fictionary, ProWritingAid, and FirstEditing have combined editing forces to help authors tell powerful stories.
Fictionary’s game-changing writing & editing software, ProWritingAid’s state-of-the-art copy editing platform, and FirstEditing’s certified StoryCoach editors are redefining the editing landscape. These women combine the newest, state-of-the-art techniques with professional publishing experience to create the most advanced and objective quality editing available.
Learn what the different stages of editing are in order to publish a book that sells. In this session, you learn what story editing and copyediting are, and you’ll learn how to choose and work with a qualified, professional editor.
You'll walk away with the knowledge you need to edit successfully and pursue the publishing path that best suits you.

ProWritingAid is our Silver Sponsor for the 2022 Women in Publishing Summit!

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Sponsor Spotlight: ProWritingAid

Sponsor Spotlight: ProWritingAid

I don’t think anyone who found her way to the Women in Publishing Summit blog is going to be shocked to hear that “writing is hard.” It’s one of those things that we take for granted. That it’s an art that takes practice, honing, sharpening. And as women, we so often find ourselves short on time or space to do that work. When so much of the unpaid labor of having a family and keeping a home running falls on us, how can we have the freedom to create, too? 

That’s why I appreciate the people behind ProWritingAid, a company that takes the mission of improving writing seriously, and, in creating a successful, practical system to help authors do that, they’ve lifted up so many women’s voices. 

I’m also so grateful that they’ve once again committed to support women authors in another way: by joining us as a Silver Sponsor for the 2022 Women in Publishing Summit. 

ProWritingAid’s revolutionary product creates better books – I know because I use it myself! Here’s why!

What does ProWritingAid do? 

ProWritingAid is a platform that offers a world-class grammar checking AND style checking, so your writing – be it business writing, creative writing, academic writing or anything else – follows the rules for what “good writing” looks like. ProWritingAid then goes beyond that by offering in-depth reporting to help you understand how you write. 

In other words, ProWritingAid lets you know when you’re breaking a good writing rule, and it also tells you how often you use a given word, phrase or even sentence structure. The reports go deep into helping you unpuzzle your own authorial style. It helps keep your writing clean AND interesting. 

You can use ProWritingAid in combination with other writer’s products like Scrivener and Fictionary, as well as within all major word processing programs. You can even add it as a Chrome plug-in so you can use it to write better emails. It’s an easy-to-use product that’s like having a writing coach right in your laptop! 

In addition to the practical help this program can give any writer, the ProWritingAid community is a highly engaged and deeply knowledgeable one. Their paid course community gives authors valuable training on a wide variety of topics in the industry – just one more way ProWritingAid helps every author develop! 

What kind of author needs ProWritingAid?

Anyone who wants to grow as a writer needs ProWritingAid.

You don’t need to be writing the Great American Novel to benefit from this platform. The grammar and style checking can work magic on your business emails, your sales copy and more. We especially recommend that all our clients use it for things like newsletters and blog posts to keep them on track in terms of precision and voice.

But the impact that ProWritingAid can have on your book is huge: there aren’t a lot of opportunities to get real insight into your writing as you’re working on your draft. It’s a game-changer for writers in any genre and in any stage of their career. 

How can I learn more about ProWritingAid?

Check out the ProWritingAid website to find out how they can help you become a better writer – click right here to learn more!

Sign up for our free webinar with ProWritingAid on December 7.


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Earning 10k a Month as an Author

Earning 10k a Month as an Author

Jennie earns $10k a month in author royalties. At the end of the day, that's the goal most of us are striving towards, right? Earning a LIVING as an author, with a nice fat revenue stream. 

How does someone get to the point where they’re cashing 5 figure royalty checks every month? It wasn’t an accident – it took a plan. And Jennie shared that plan with me in her Women in Publishing Summit interview. 

Who is Jennie Goutet?

Jennie Goutet is a friend of mine and I’ve followed her since her writing journey began. So it's truly exciting to see her having this level of success as one of the top indie Regency fiction writers. I knew her waaay back. She actually was a contributor to my book, Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother, as we sadly share the loss of a child.

When we met, she was already blogging her way through her memoir, which she would publish about six months after Sunshine. The title: A Lady in France.

She went on to hit the #1 spot on the New York Times bestseller list for 9 weeks straight and make a LOT of money in royalties.


The Real Story Behind Jennie’s Success as an Author

I’m just messing with you. That does NOT actually happen, just so you know. Truly. It’s almost unheard of for a self-published memoirist (or any genre) to have a success like that on their first book.

What DID happen was she had some mediocre success, got a lot of feedback, and wound up making some significant changes to her book after she learned a lot more about the business of being an author.

Then, she set to work, and over the course of six years, learned everything she needed to know so that by November of 2020, she was earning $10K per month through book sales in KDP.

Get your ticket NOW to find out how.

Jennie has so much knowledge to share.

I just completed my interview for the Women in Publishing Summit with Jennie and she went step-by-step through what she learned, what she took from it, and how she went from her first experience of publishing her memoir not so successfully to now being one of the top Regency fiction writers on Amazon.

You are going to want to watch this interview. I took SIX PAGES of notes!

Jennie could have thrown in the towel when her book did not meet her expectations. She could have had a pity party that she just wasn’t a good writer. But Jennie didn’t give up. She had a goal to be a successful author.

She learned and implemented changes that soared her into the top 10 in her very competitive category of Regency fiction.

You can learn from Jennie’s story, and you can also  ask her questions during the conference. (Yes, surprise! This is a new feature this year. Our speakers will be joining us live to answer questions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday – March 4, 5, 6!)

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Jennie shares her tips for earning 10k a month in author royalties.

In our interview, Jennie told me all about the things she WISHED she’d known at the beginning that took her a lot of time and effort to figure out, before finally climbing her way to the top.

She tried a lot of things before she got it right. But now she’s got a system that is working for her and with each book she publishes, she’s having more and more success.

I’ll share some sneak peeks into Jennie’s tips:

  •         Work on your craft
  •         Take the time to do it right – know your genre!
  •         Get strategic and move forward in a very specific way

She shared the HOW and WHAT in her interview.

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What about Jennie’s memoir?

In case you’re wondering about her memoir, Jennie went on to republish it after she learned more about the norms of the memoir genre. She got a new cover and a new title that more appropriately fit her book, and she cut 50,000 words, because it was way too long. It did okay in sales, nothing revolutionary. But – and this is the important part – that process taught her an incredible amount that she shared in her interview with the intent of helping YOU get there faster and with less experimentation.

There’s one more thing about Jennie that makes her amazing. After having some success with fiction books, she landed a traditional publishing deal. She also shared about the differences that being traditionally published taught her, and why she decided to go back to indie publishing with subsequent books.

I invited Jennie to speak after I saw her post an update in a group we’re both in. I was both proud as heck of what she’s done over the past 7 years AND biting at the bit to hear what she’d been doing to have  this kind of success. I’ve had a front-row seat at watching her publish and grow, so it was really exciting to hear the HOW from her. And it was really encouraging to see that it is possible, even after a failed start, to have great success and earn a living as an author.

Her journey wasn't easy or quick. But if it was simple, ALL authors would be making $10K/month in royalties.

If you’re committed to making a living as a successful fiction author, you’re going to want to get your ticket and watch this presentation.

Extra bonus! We're releasing a few of the interviews early in February! Grab your ticket now (at the discounted price) AND get access to these early releases!

Sponsor Spotlight: ProWritingAid

Sponsor Spotlight: ProWritingAid

There is no perfect first draft. But your writing can get a LOT closer to perfect with the right tools. That’s why we love ProWritingAid. This self-editing tool isn’t just glorified spell-check, it’s a robust tool for professional writers and ANYONE who relies on the written word to present their ideas. Since they’re a company we truly use in our business every day, we’re excited to announce that they’re returning as a sponsor for the 2021 Women in Publishing Summit

What is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is a digital tool that helps you self-edit your manuscript. A human perspective can never be fully replaced in the process (good news for writers and editors everywhere!), but this tool takes your first draft and whips it into shape. Using machine learning and years of research, the team at ProWritingAid has built a software that can catch mistakes and just make your writing better. Any word processing software can catch a basic spelling or grammar error, but ProWritingAid can tell you when your writing is overly complex, unclear or uncompelling. It makes suggestions as you type, and it works intuitively based on what you’re doing. It helps you draw your readers in with its editing suggestions, and it works with any style of writing. When you begin with a first draft that’s already been through the patented ProWritingAid software, what emerges is something that’s ready for prime time.

Beyond perfecting your book, it also offers a Chrome extension that allows you to get feedback as you’re typing emails, blog posts, and more. Since writers are so often in the business of promoting their own career, having ProWritingAid’s tools at your disposal will make sure that every email you send will impress.

You can download ProWritingAid to your computer or use the mobile version to access the tool in the way that fits your lifestyle. The desktop version even allows you to use the tool even when you’re not connected to the internet — so you can head on out to that cabin in the woods and write whenever you want.

At the end of the day, , you’re going to send your manuscript off to beta readers and an editor. ProWritingAid can help you clean it up before other eyes see it. It will help you catch the errors that your eyes miss. It’s like having another set of eyes on your manuscript without paying more. It’s a smart way to save time and money, all within a budget that’s accessible for the average writer. 

Why We Love ProWritingAid

Our whole team loves using the reporting feature in ProWritingAid. It allows us to see where a text is too verbose or repetitive. It’s an important part of our editing process.

We helped author and professor Kasie Whitener publish her first novel, After December, last year. When we used ProWritingAid, it found that she used the word “sandwiches” over 150 times. When we shared this information, Kasie  laughed and joked that all she feeds her characters are sandwiches. ProWritingAid helped us catch this repetition that might have taken readers out of the story (“What’s with the sandwiches?!?”), and that went unnoticed otherwise.

ProWritingAid is a tool we can count on for our business, can recommend to our authors, and can use in our everyday lives. We love the ease of use, the comprehensive suite of editing tools, and the affordable price point. It’s just one of those products we can’t imagine doing this work without.

ProWritingAid is a silver sponsor of the Women in Publishing Summit

A really cool thing about  ProWritingAid is that they offer lifetime access — which means you pay once and then you have the tool forever! It is so important when you consider how we practice our craft, making revisions and changes sometimes over years! This software is ready to be a long-term partner to writers of every level and genre, right out of the gate. 

They’re such a great partner that they’re offering all Women in Publishing Summit attendees 50% off of their lifetime access. This is a great savings on an already affordable tool! This offer is only available to summit attendees, so make sure you sign up below!

Editing Tips From a Powerhouse Editing Trio

Editing Tips From a Powerhouse Editing Trio


Fictionary, ProWritingAid, and FirstEditing have combined forces to help the world tell powerful stories. Fictionary’s game-changing creative editing software based on natural language processing, ProWritingAid’s state-of-the-art copyediting software, and FirstEditing’s professional editors have redefined the writing and editing landscape.

With the explosion of self-publishing, writers need to understand what the different phases of editing are in order to publish a book that will sell. In this session, you learn what story editing and copyediting are, and you’ll learn what is means to work with a professional editor. This will give you the knowledge you need to choose the publishing path that suits you.

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