WIP Summit Webinar Series: Evan Gow, StoryOrigin

WIP Summit Webinar Series: Evan Gow, StoryOrigin

Finding High Quality Reviewers and Building Your Mailing List

Our guest expert is Evan Gow. 

In this free webinar, discover how to:

  • Leverage the power of community to build your audience
  • Find and use newsletter swaps to grow your mailing list through cross-promotions
  • Vet potential reviewers
  • Write a welcome email sequence
  • All about StoryOrigin!

Presenter Bio:  Evan Gow is the indie developer of StoryOrigin, a marketing tool and community of authors that work together to find reviewers, build mailing lists, increase sales, and stay on top of deadlines

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WIP Webinar Series: BookFunnel

WIP Webinar Series: BookFunnel

Presented by Women in Publishing Summit sponsor, BookFunnel

BookFunnel Sorcery: Growing your mailing list like the pros by making superfans super happy

One of the best things about being an indie author is being able to reach your readers directly, and there is no better way to do this than with a mailing list of your very own. As an author, you should take every opportunity to delight your readers and move them along the journey from being just a casual reader of your stuff to a raving superfan of your work. BookFunnel has tens of thousands of authors doing just that, and we see the best tricks they are using to make readers happy and turn them into those superfans. Join Damon Courtney, the creator of BookFunnel, to learn some of the ninja tricks that the biggest indies in the world are using to grow their reader list and make superfans that gobble up everything they write.

BookFunnel is an eBook and Audiobook Delivery Service for Indie Authors and Small Publishers. Learn more and get a discount on BookFunnel plans at https://womeninpublishingsummit.com/bookfunnel

Register for this webinar, and the entire webinar series all at once! https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_lEhG5xHkRlKI3uDfNJzBkA