PublishHER Podcast Episode 122: Taking the Leap with a Book Coach! Guest: Larissa Soehn

PublishHER Podcast Episode 122: Taking the Leap with a Book Coach! Guest: Larissa Soehn

In this episode of the PublishHer podcast, Alexa Bigwarfe interviews Larissa Sohen, an established author and founder of Next Page Publishing Inc. Larissa shares her journey to becoming a book coach and provides insights into writing, publishing, and marketing books.

Larissa Soehn is a well-established author and the founder of Next Page Wellness Coaching. She has extensive experience in writing, publishing, marketing, and coaching for books from various genres.  As the company’s founder, Larissa serves female entrepreneurs in client-based industries, namely coaches and service providers. Larissa’s mission is to help powerful women boost their businesses with a book. She guarantees a high level of service in all aspects of writing and publishing as a book coach. Her programs include one-on-one writing, editing, publishing, and marketing support for all her authors. Larissa is a certified professional book coach from the International Coach Academy with training in applied psychology and communications. She has developed skills that directly support the writing and promoting of exceptional books. She has knowledge of human motivation, drive, and communication methods that coincides directly with what it takes to write, publish and market a book.  Larissa finds motivation in her family and works hard to be the best mom and wife she can be to her young daughter and wonderful husband.

“If we were twelve months in the future and you looked back, what has to have happened to make you feel like you were successful? And a lot of times for people that is getting my book written and published, just do it. Make the leap.” – Larissa Soehn, book coach

Key Takeaways

  • Larissa's Writing Journey: Larissa shares her unexpected entry into writing when she created a sci-fi novel based on a game she and her husband developed. This experience led her to become passionate about helping others tell their stories.
  • Book Release: Larissa discusses her recent book, “How to Write a Book: Memoirs and Autobiographies,” which focuses on guiding individuals through the process of writing and sharing their life stories.
  • Transition to Book Coaching: Larissa explains how she transitioned from a career in the chemical industry to become a book coach, emphasizing the importance of making connections, networking, and learning from mentors in the writing industry.
  • Advice for Aspiring Authors: Larissa encourages aspiring authors to start writing without waiting for the “perfect time.” She highlights the importance of taking the leap and pursuing the dream of writing a book.
  • Details on Coaching Program: Larissa describes her coaching program, targeting coaches in service-based industries who are looking to grow their businesses by incorporating book writing into their marketing strategy.

Memorable Moments:

00:01:10 – Becoming a Full-time Author
Larissa shares her experience of transitioning from a different industry to becoming a full-time author and book coach, emphasizing the need to make connections and seek mentorship in the writing world.

00:03:26 – Unexpected Writing Journey
Larissa discusses how she stumbled into writing a Sci-Fi novel while creating a game, highlighting the joy and passion that comes with writing a book that evolves from a personal project.

00:04:27 – Writing Memoirs and Autobiographies
Larissa talks about her new book on writing memoirs and autobiographies, sharing her motivation behind creating a guide to help others tell their stories and preserve their memories through writing.

00:09:55 – Making the Leap to Writing Business
Larissa advises on the challenges of starting a writing business, emphasizing the importance of networking and seeking guidance from industry peers.

00:14:22 – Discovery Call and Collaboration
Larissa discusses the process of scheduling a discovery call to understand the client's needs and how to work together effectively.

00:14:47 – Social Media Presence
Larissa mentions her private Facebook group “Write, Publish and Sell Your Dream Book” as a platform to connect with her audience.

00:15:13 – Pursuing Dreams
Larissa encourages aspiring authors to take the leap and pursue their dream of writing a book, emphasizing that there's no perfect time to start.

00:15:36 – Overcoming Procrastination
Larissa advises listeners to consider what success looks like for them in the future and take the necessary steps to achieve their goals, including writing and publishing their book.

00:16:06 – Closing Remarks
Alexa expresses gratitude to Larissa for sharing her insights and encourages listeners to join them for the next episode of the podcast.

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Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air

Happy Valentine's Day! Love is in the air and we have a little treat for our Romance writers!

Free Writing Romance Mastery Summit!


We are really excited to announce that Paula Judith invited Alexa back to be a speaker at her FREE Writing Romance Mastery Summit that begins Feb. 19th!

Their conversation this time is around overcoming the fear of marketing, but as you'll see when you check out the page below, there are SO MANY great sessions with so many masters of romance and the writing and publishing business!

Register for the Free Writing Romance Mastery Summit now!

The Writing Romance Mastery Summit will take place from February 19, 2024 through February 23, 2024, and we can promise it’ll be a top-notch event. Paula Judith is bringing together a great lineup!

Here’s a selection of speakers we are excited about hearing from:

  • Alexa Bigwarfe – Overcome the Fear of Marketing (you might recognize that name 🙂 )

Alexa is an author coach, book marketing expert, host of the Women in Publishing Summit, and a published RomCom author under the pen name Lexi Haddock. Alexa is known for her courses and training, which focus on author platform growth and creative ways to make marketing FUN, not scary!

Whether you are indie or traditionally published, marketing is essential. In this session, Alexa Bigwarfe discusses ways to approach marketing in a manner you enjoy.

  • Jill Lublin – Audience Building for Romance Authors

Jill Lublin is a Premier Publicity Authority, 4x Best-Selling Author, and International Speaker, who helps Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches, and Authors. Jill has worked with ABC, NBC, CBS, and other national and international media as a highly regarded publicity expert. She has been featured in The New York Times, Women’s Day, Fortune Small Business, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Inc. magazines.

There are many ways to approach building your author platform. In this session, Jill Lublin explores how branding yourself leads to more book sales.

  • Philip Duncan – Book Marketing Made Easy With Email (Philip is one of my favorite people and knows his stuff with email marketing!)

Philip Duncan is an award-winning and Amazon bestselling fiction author. He's the host of Email Marketing and List Building Made Easy and the co-host of Fiction Marketing Academy.

In this session, Philip Duncan discusses how to make book marketing with email a natural and easy process to incorporate into your author platform.

Philip is a friend and I've had him guest lecture on email list growth. He's a pro!

  • Ellen Finkelstein – How to Promote Your Books through Email Marketing

Ellen Finkelstein started her first website in 1999 as an author platform – she's written 11 published books with McGraw-Hill and Wiley and self-published 10 e-books during her 20-year career as an author. The books range from 20 pages to more than 1200 pages. Since then, she has developed e-mail lists of over 22,000 people and a social media audience of over 100,000.

In this session, Ellen Finklestein explores ways to build your author platform to make more book sales from your reader email list.

  • Elise Krentzel – Generating Sales Without Advertising on Amazon

World traveler, author, ghostwriter, and coach. Elise is known as the Rebel Writer. From rock journalist to restaurant critic, she’s been stirring up the pot since the 1970s! Published her wild memoir, Under My Skin – Drama, Trauma, and Rock & Roll was a #1 bestseller in 9 categories on Amazon.

Elise Krentzel details connections and methods to increase organic book sales.

Happy Valentine's Day, Romance Writers!

And do not miss the 2024 WOMEN IN PUBLISHING SUMMIT!

See the full schedule here and grab your ticket today!

We hope to see you at the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit!

PublishHER Podcast Episode 121: I Still Have Love to Give with Emily A. Myers

PublishHER Podcast Episode 121: I Still Have Love to Give with Emily A. Myers

In this episode of the PublishHer Podcast, host Alexa Bigwarfe interviews Emily Myers, an author who delves into romantic suspense, mafia romance, and poetry. Emily's writing journey, from her initial struggles with contemporary romance to finding her niche in mafia romance, sheds light on the importance of personal growth and healing in creative pursuits. Her recent poetry collection, “I Still Have Love to Give,” serves as a powerful outlet for emotional healing and offers support and inspiration to others facing similar experiences.

Uncover the unexpected journey of a mafia romance author's poetic release as a healing outlet. Listen in as Emily A. Myers, renowned for romantic suspense, sheds light on her surprising foray into a world of heart-wrenching poetry. Join us as she unveils her intense emotional journey and the creative healing process behind her latest book, I Still Have Love to Give. Stay tuned for the gripping tale of personal growth and artistic evolution. Will this unexpected detour lead to a new wave of inspiration that transcends genres? Find out how Emily's poetic pursuit intertwines with her captivating storytelling in this intriguing rollercoaster of emotions.

“I just naturally write poetry when I'm going through really intense things. That's how I process.” – Emily Myers


Key Takeaways

  • Explore different genres to expand your writing skills and find your unique voice in the literary world.
  • Harness the intrigue and passion of the Mafia romance genre while understanding its marketability in the publishing industry.
  • Discover the potential of poetry as a powerful tool for personal healing and emotional expression.
  • Overcome the marketing challenges specific to nonfiction poetry and effectively promote your work to a wider audience.
  • Embrace the importance of personal growth and find your niche as a writer to stand out in the competitive literary landscape.

Memorable Moments:

00:00:55 – Emily's Writing Journey
Emily Myers shares her journey from wanting to be an author since middle school to publishing her first book, “The Truth about Unspeakable Things,” and venturing into mafia romance.

00:05:36 – Writing Poetry as a Healing Process
Emily discusses how she uses poetry to process intense emotions, leading to the creation of her poetry collection “I Still Have Love to Give,” which reflects her experiences with divorce and heartbreak.

00:09:11 – Marketing a Poetry Collection
Emily talks about her marketing plan for the poetry book, reaching out to consistent reviewers and finding readers who resonate with the themes of healing, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

00:13:29 – Using Social Media for Book Promotion
Emily shares her experience of using TikTok to create a book club and share insights from a self-help book, highlighting the potential for connecting with similar audiences and building engagement.

00:16:20 – The Healing Power of Writing
Emily discusses how writing helped her heal during a dark time, emphasizing the importance of personal growth alongside the creative journey.

00:22:00 – Finding Her Genre: Mafia Romance
Emily shares her fascination with mafia history and how it influenced her decision to write mafia romance. She highlights the flexibility within the genre and her plans to incorporate variety in her series.

00:27:35 – Milestones and Goal-Setting
Emily reflects on achieving her goal of publishing five books by the age of 30, expressing excitement for her upcoming steamy mafia romance, “Mind to Tease”.

00:30:09 – Series Planning and Time Jumps
Emily reveals the natural progression of her series and the decision to incorporate a time jump, providing a glimpse into her interconnected arc for the upcoming books in the series.

00:33:25 – Inspirational Conversations
Emily and Alexa discuss how their conversation has inspired them. Emily shares her website and where her books can be found, and teases her next release coming in 2024.

00:34:00 – Where to Find Emily's Books
Emily directs listeners to her website and Amazon for her books. She also hints at a new release in 2024 and encourages people to follow her on Instagram for updates.

00:34:35 – Meeting in Person
The hosts discuss the possibility of meeting in person in Vegas for an Author nation Conference. They talk about potential dates and express excitement about a potential meeting.

00:34:54 – Wrapping Up
The hosts thank each other for the conversation and discuss future plans to meet in person. They express gratitude for the episode and sign off with thanks to the musician Jasmine Commerce for the podcast's theme song.

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