PublishHER Podcast Episode 114: Writing Through Grief and Trauma

PublishHER Podcast Episode 114: Writing Through Grief and Trauma

Alexa Bigwarfe shares some tools for writing through grief and trauma, different tools you can use, and how to get your creative mojo back when you're feeling down.

In addition to hosting the Women in Publishing Summit and hosting the PublishHer podcast, Alexa Bigwarfe is an author, author coach, speaker, publishing consultant, and community builder. Her writing career began after her infant daughter passed away at 2 days old and she turned to writing for healing. Her first book, Sunshine After the Storm, A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother, has helped thousands of grieving mothers. Since then, she has continued to help others use writing as a tool to heal, in addition to all of her courses, events, and resources to help aspiring authors write, publish, and sell their books. Her most recent tool for grieving mothers, Sisterhood of the Healing Hearts: Permission to Thrive. A 6-Month Guided Journal for Grieving Mothers is now available everywhere books are sold. Access her free Writing to Heal Challenge at

I realized how important writing and words are, not only for ourselves, but for connecting with other people. – Alexa Bigwarfe

In this episode, we discuss:


Power of Writing as a Path to Healing

In the wake of unimaginable loss, Alexa Bigwarfe turned to writing as a lifeline, pouring her heart out in a blog that unexpectedly touched the lives of others. As her words resonated with those grappling their own hardships, Alexa discovered the profound power of writing as a path to healing and connection. This transformative journey ultimately led her to pen a book, Sunshine after the Storm, serving as a guide for mothers navigating grief.

Key Takeaways

  • Utilize Writing as a Therapeutic Tool for Emotional Healing
  • Harness Fiction Writing to Foster Emotional Recovery
  • Explore the Cathartic Power of Personal Experience Writing
  • Embrace Various Forms of Writing Therapy for Healing

Memorable Moments:

00:05:08 – Using Writing to Heal
Alexa shares various tools for using writing through grief and trauma. She emphasizes using writing as a means of healing, including journaling, writing letters, and writing for social media.

00:12:42 – Creating Guided Journals
Alexa discusses the process of creating guided journals, highlighting the design and printing considerations. She emphasizes the value of journals in complementing memoirs and fiction books with healing elements.

00:16:28 – Fiction as Healing
Alexa shares her personal experience of writing a romantic comedy book, “Four Days in Paris,” during a difficult time, showing how fiction can help process unresolved emotions and provide closure.

00:19:45 – Writing Through Pain
Writing fiction can be healing, as shown by another mother who processed her loss by writing a fiction book about characters experiencing similar heartbreak, providing healing for both the author and readers.

00:22:59 – Using Writing as a Tool
Alexa encourages using writing through grief as a tool to process and move forward, whether through journaling, blogging, or writing fiction, emphasizing its ability to help individuals heal and assist others in the process.

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