Meet The Team

It takes a VILLAGE to bring this conference to you each year. Without the work and effort of all of these women, this would not be possible. 

Alexa Bigwarfe


Alexa finds her greatest passion is in helping women find their stories and share their words. An advocate and activist for those without a voice, she started this journey after the death of one of her infant daughters led her to writing for healing. Along the journey, she realized that when women support each other, they make a powerful impact. She is also a proud Veteran of the USAF, and a nonprofit owner to support Grieving Mothers.

Nancy Cavillones

Right Hand Lady 

Nancy has been the executive assistant to the Women in Publishing Summit since it's inception. She and Alexa work together on this summit, Write|Publish|Sell, all of the subsidiaries, and their joint passion project, Lose the Cape. A blog and podcast for mom's who are socially & politically engaged. Nancy is a virtual assistant to authors, providing support and lots of technical know-how through the book launch & marketing process.

Raewyn Sangari

Unicorn VA & Instagram Goddess

Raewyn is our Instagram Unicorn and does all things Instagram for the WIP Summit, Write|Publish|Sell, and more. Raewyn channels her creative mojo to introduce authors to the Bookstagram community.   Living in CA with her husband and two littles, she's the answer to so many of your questions!

Sarah O'Dell

Social Media Consultant & Executive Assistant to Alexa Bigwarfe

Sarah O'Dell is a social media consultant, activist and mom who currently lives in Connecticut but never fails to mention she's from Pittsburgh. After earlier lives in nonprofit fundraising and human resources, she spends her professional and personal time trying to make the world a better, nicer, fairer place, and also knitting. 

Emily Peng

Virtual Admin

Emily is our behind-the-scenes gal that keeps the summit humming along, providing an optimal speaker and conference attendee experience. She works as a virtual assistant, providing support through administrative services to busy business owners and executives. Driven by her passion for helping others, she takes pride in providing the best service possible.

Ilonka Ras

Manager of all things Facebook Ads

Ilonka is our incredible wizard behind the Facebook Ads for our summit and for our writing projects and author clients. She is from South Africa, a mother of three children, and a dog owner! She runs the social media business, Counter Clock Digital.

Kathrine Farris & Marketecs

Website Design & Digital Strategists

If you're enjoying the beautiful design of the website, that is thanks to the hard work of Kathrine Farris's team at Marketecs. Marketecs provides the digital strategy and implementation you need to build, manage, and maintain your marketing and operations as you scale and grow your business.

Michelle Fairbanks

Queen of Graphic Design

Michelle Fairbanks owns and operates Fresh Design. She is a book cover designer and graphic artist. Michelle is the designer behind 99% of our books for our clients, as well as all of the beautiful graphics that you see associated with this conference, to include our logos and branding. 


Our Sponsors

There is no way we could provide this conference at the size and quality and no charge each year if it weren't for our sponsors. We choose sponsors that we USE and trust, and investigate to make sure their mission is a good fit with ours. Many of these organizations are run by women or have women in top leadership positions. And all of them are committed to helping authors achieve greater success. Be sure to visit their sponsor pages to learn more.

Join the Movement

A 5-day conference jam packed with information from experts to help you move forward in your author career.

We're starting a MOVEMENT with the Women in Publishing Summit. We want to provide a week long of free resources for those women seeking to improve their skills as an author entrepreneur – in all areas from writing, improving, producing, publishing, and marketing their book. But we go one step further.

We talk about issues that matter in the world of being a writer. We talk about issues that impact WOMEN as writers and publishers and industry professionals. Mindset, fears, overcoming those fears – and COMMUNITY. How important it is to have your supporters within our community to help you along your journey.

You'll have the option along the way to invest in furthering your growth as an author entrepreneur. It's up to you if you decide to make that investment. In the meantime, dig in and enjoy what we're able to provide to you thanks to our generous sponsors: Bublish, Write|Publish|Sell, ProWritingAid, BookBaby, ListenUpAudioBooks, GracePoint Publishing, and Vervante.