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Diversity in Publishing Roundtable

Alexa Bigwarfe is joined by industry experts and authors for a discussion on diversity in publishing. Has anything changed since #PublishingPaidMe trended on Twitter last year? What do authors need to know?


Natasha Carlow:
http://www.natashacarlow.com, https://instagram.com/natashamelissacarlow
Michelle Jackson:

Building a Simple Author Website 

Watch this demo of Pub-Site, a fantastic website hosting platform designed just for authors!  Extensive Q&A in this presentation. 

Romance Writer’s Roundtable

Featuring Yahrah St. John, Ines Johnson and Kristi Dosh, talking about writing romance, subgenres, and marketing romance, including how and when to use a pen name! 

Editing Tips from a Powerhouse Trio

Editing through the entire process. Featuring Lisa Lepki from ProWriting, JoEllen Nordström from FirstEditing and Kristina Stanley from Fictionary. Register for the Women in Publishing Summit at https://womeninpublishingsummit.com

Self-Editing Tips after NaNoWriMo with ProWritingAid

So you’ve managed to (hopefully) pull together a lot of words in November for NaNoWriMo… now it’s time to start thinking about revising! Join us for a workshop on self-editing skills so that when you dig in over the holidays, or after the New Year, you’re ready to go!

Hayley is thrilled to be ProWritingAid’s Content Lead, as it gives her an excuse to think deeply about words every single day. Prior to joining ProWritingAid, Hayley spent a number of years as an elementary school teacher, which was a crash course in learning how to entertain an indifferent audience. These days, she puts her storytelling skills to use writing blog articles and working on her first novel.

Editing Your Story Structure with Fictionary

You’re coming to the end of NaNoWriMo and are about to type “The End” on your first draft. Are you wondering how you’re going to tackle editing the story you just wrote? In this session, Kristina Stanley, CEO of Fictionary and ALLi Story Editing Advisor, will teach you where to begin a story edit. If your dream is to craft a powerful story, she’ll show you how to “see” your first draft in a new way. Story editing is the primary structural review of your manuscript and the story you’re telling. Whether you’re self-publishing or going the traditional route, your story needs to be as good as you can possibly make it before sharing it with others. Before you share your story, you owe it to yourself to tell the best possible story. Learn how to story edit, and you’ll create a story readers love. You’ll leave this webinar with advice you can take action on right away. You’ll know what to do next! 

Sign up for Fictionary at https://womeninpublishingsummit.com/fictionary

Building Your Writing Community with Bublish

This is an info packed session on ways to grow your community as an author, while you are writing your book… organically and in an authentic manner. Kathy Meis, CEO of Bublish shares great tips on how authors can use their social media to create relationships and bring people into their network.


Learn how to SMASH a book launch!

This webinar is going to show you some of the tools and resources we use through Kat Biggie Press, Purple Butterfly Press, Chrysalis Press, and for our boutique publishing clients in Write|Publish|Sell. If you want to have great sales, you’ve got to have a great launch. And we’ll break it down the strategies of a great launch, featuring the recent launch of Rupert’s Snowman by Purple Butterfly Press author, Phillipa Warden.  

Book Brush

 August 20th – No Graphic Designer? No Problem! How To Create Professional Looking Images to Market Your Book Brush

What is Book Brush? Join Kathleen Sweeney from Book Brush for a fun live walk-through of the Book Brush tools. Get ready to embrace the marketing side of writing & see why authors say Book Brush saves them both time and money.

July 28th – Publish With a Partner: Do It Yourself Doesn’t Mean Do It Alone.

Ramona Pina and Lucy Briggs of BookBaby

There is some misconception about how one must take the reigns entirely themselves or lose control of their work. Perhaps we can dispel this myth and show how writers can sell directly to readers and build their author platform with a partner AND retain control and independence.

ProWritingAid AJ OgilvieMay 28th – A conversation with AJ Ogilvie of ProWritingAid on the fundamentals of clarity, why clarity matters, and why it means so much for our readers.

To be sure, all writers believe in the value of clarity, and as readers we can confidently describe a sentence or paragraph as clear or unclear. But most of us don’t really know the specifics of how clarity is produced. In this webinar we talk about how to craft sentences that produce clarity for readers, how to effectively organize information for readers, and how we can create writing that provides a fluid reading experience for our audience.


Find the slides HERE.



May 26th – Author Kasie Whitener on book clubs! How to get into one, how to get kicked out of one, and how to sell your books through them.

Read a recap of the webinar on our blog.

JoEllen NordströmMay 21st – FirstEditing.Com CEO, JoEllen Nordström on when authors should get an editor for their book.

Be sure to use code WIP19 for 19% off services from FirstEditing. Valid until May 31, 2020

Don’t have ProWritingAid yet? Get it today at http://womeninpublishingsummit.com/prowritingaid

Slides can be downloaded HERE.

May 6th -Why Authors Need a Website, with Fauzia Burke of Pub-Site

Learn how websites are a critical part of an author’s platform, and watch a demo of Pub-Site, a plug and play website platform designed with authors in mind.

October – Vervante CEO Cindy Tyler talks about all the ways Vervante can help authors sell their books! 

September – BookBaby President Steven Spatz covers all the ways that BookBaby can help authors, from authoring to printing. 

August – ListenUp Audio! Diane Lasek, SVP of ListenUp Audio, talks about planning for an audiobook and gives an overview of audiobook production.