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With the All Access Pass - you get immediate (and lifetime!) access to all of the content. You will receive all of the videos, plus all of the audio files in case you'd rather listen than watch. You'll also get transcripts and any bonus trainings or ebooks that our wonderful speakers have generously provided - but ONLY for All Access Pass Members! So, to recap:

  • Access to a Private group where we will answer questions, engage in discussion, support you through your journey - PLUS provide monthly training held in between the conferences. Value of training over $5000 - this is your community to support you throughout your journey!
  • Lifetime and immediate access to all video presentations
  • Audio files for each presentation
  • Written transcripts with links and resources from all videos
  • 1 hour publishing masterclass with Alexa Bigwarfe, conference host - getting yourself "book ready"
  • Bonus materials provided by the speakers (scroll down the page to see the VERY long list of courses, discounts, and books provided by our amazing speakers!)



Best part - this is only $67! Say what? THOUSANDS of dollars worth of training, resources, books, discounts on programs, and more.

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  Yes, it's only $67. Order prior to March 4, 2019 and you'll ALSO receive LAST year's All Access pass! It's super amazing as well. Check it out here. 

What Attendees Are Saying About the All-Access Pass

I owned a successful Digital Marketing Company for 10 years ( focused on travel and tourism) and ran a Digital Marketing Conference for 10 years. The Women in Publishing Summit reminded me how many new tools have come on the market and provided up to date tips and takeaways for self publishing authors like myself. I have been very impressed! Thank God I bought the all-access pass, what a bargain! 


Thank you for this phenomenal opportunity. You have put together a Magnificent program and one of the Best Leadership and Success oriented informational trainings I have ever attended. I did purchase the package so that I can go back and re-listen to these presentations as I travel on this path of Writing and Authorship. Your courses are a big help to not have to “re-invent the wheel” so to speak. I am 71 years young and Time is a commodity I cannot waste. My writings will be my legacy to my Family. Again I thank you for your Professionalism of reaching out to help Women be All they Can Be. 

Carolyn S.

Last year I got the All Access Pass and it was worth every cent – so grateful to have the time and space to learn from all the speakers in my own time.

Lois S.

I signed up for the All Access Pass because I just cannot get enough from these wonderful ladies! Since starting the Women in Publishing Summit, I have been so inspired and have begun to blog and write again.

Peggy C.

Just signed up for this summit and I'm very excited! I've taken Alexa Bigwarfe's Publishing and Marketing conference and it was truly AMAZING. I learned so much…made terrific connections…worth every penny. I'm sure this will be, too!

Lisa A. Listwa


Thank you. Thank you for interviewing all these women, compiling all these resources and best of all, giving it away simply for the sake of helping other women — in your own words — ditch the fear and just write. I'm not sure how many other 18 yr old girls are watching the videos in this summit, but I have to say they have provided the most detailed and helpful advice I have seen so far. (Though to be honest, I doubt I'll be able to make the most of it until I'm older. Perks of not being 21 in Malaysia, you see). I'll be sure to attend next year's WIP summit and (hopefully) the dozen more summits after that. Again, thank you and have a good day.

I bought the all-access pass because I knew I wouldn't be able to participate during what was a hectic week for me. I just listened to Alexa's interview with Cindy Tyler and was Blown. A. Way. I didn't know such a company existed. Glory be. Can't wait to watch more.

Laura M. H.

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Some of the bonuses from Our Speakers, Just for All-Access Passholders!

The list above is just a beginning! Open up the tab below to see the amazing list of bonuses provided with the All Access Pass!

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Our Speakers and Sponsors have been VERY generous this year! Thousands of dollars of resources!

Giveaways & Freebies

From our Speakers:

  • Anne Rainbow – A seven-day self-editing online course 
  • 2 Kindle Fires as raffle prizes from Diane Windsor
  • $50 discount on video trailers from Diane Windsor
  • Free Book2Course online training from Judith Glory
  • Amy Simpkins – The Spiral Journey Tracker, a PDF to help you remember where you are right now in the spiral, and where you can expect to head next
  • Na'ima Robert – A book download (Own Your Voice) and a Fear Free Writing coursebook
  • Joan Dempsey – Writing Great Dialogue: An Introduction, Free Online Class
  • Jodi Brandon A copy of my latest book, Write.Publish.Market. (ebook download)
  • Michelle Argyle – 25% off coupon for cover and interior design. 
  • Tamara Dever – $5 discount on our book, My Publishing Journey, for both the hardcover and softcover editions when ordered from our site.
  • Tamara Dever – $400 discount on complete book cover and interior design (or $200 off a complete children’s book design). 
  • Kate Frank – E-Book, “Untold Secrets of Business Book Authors” 
  • Stacey Aaronson – PDF cheat sheet that includes resources for finding editors, the questions to ask perspective editors, and a breakdown of the various types of editing and their average costs as a reference.
  • Loud Pen – #MakeUrPenLoud: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger (ebook)
  • Marcelle Della Faille – Free chapter of my latest book ‘Make Peace with Money – Radiate More Love and Receive More Money'
  • Roshanda Pratt – Digital download for the first chapter of my book CEO of Live Video.
  • Eileen Cook –  1/2 off a month’s membership to The Creative Academy is the online writing community you’ve been looking for. 
  • Jennifer Jones – One month free in Entreprenuer's Writing Club
  • C.J. Ellison – Here's a 30% off coupon code for all project planners at the website and the Etsy store
  • Kimberly Ann Klasnic- Got to Get Up Motivational CD written/sung by Kimberly Ann
  • Kelly Richardson – Three month public relations program for launching a book. Value at $9000
  • Kasey Mathews – Magical Living Daily Planner and 8 Discovery Coaching Sessions 
  • Chou Hallegra – Course: How to use your personal story to help others
  • Lara Lazenby –  two 30 minute coaching sessions on Zoom
  • Kate Stead – Free Workbook: Steps to Success in Creative and Commercial Publishing
  • Teri Rider – 5 Tips for Meeting IBPA Publishing Standards
  • Gail Woodard – free PDF, Steps to Publishing a Book
  • Michelle Talbert – Free download of 5 best templates to connect with influencers and get them to say yes!


  • Jenny Berk – The Body Image Blueprint 
  • Liliana Lopez – ¿Soy Bonita? book in Spanish
  • Lise Cartwright – A copy of my book, Mind The Chatter!
  • Kerri Gene Daniels – Book GLORIFIED UN-EXPECTATIONS – Trusting God for His Unfailing Faith, Hope, and Love
  • E. Claudette Freeman Collection of two sets of journals, written by me
  • Lyn Fairchild Hawks – A copy of each of my books, How Wendy Redbird Dancing Survived the Dark Ages of Nought, and Minerda
  • Jacy Sutton – Three copies of my book, Available to Chat
  • Pascale Kavanaugh – Free copy of Collecting Secrets, Book One of the Friends & Lovers Series
  • Cynthia Fails – A suite of hardcover books from the Ella Books series; all based on growing our super “powers”.
  • Lori Baudino – Super Flyers: A Parent Guidebook for Airplane Travel with Children (author: Dr Lori Baudino – Taking parenting and child development to new heights) or Potential for top 10 tips list for Mind/body mindset.
  • Darla DeMorrow – free download of my book, Organizing Your Home with SORT and Succeed.
  • Mohana Rajakumar -A free e-book of their choice (I have over 10)
  • Deborah Munro – A copy of an anthology I'm in with multiple other authors called ESCAPE! by Writers Block.


Check out the lineup!

See the 2019 Women in Publishing Summit Schedule

Schedule of Events

We have an incredible line up for you in this summit!

Day 1:

Why Write a Book? What can publishing a book do for you? Day 1 is all about understanding the possibilities that come with writing a book. If you're looking to grow your business, grow your platform, expand your influence, these interviews will provide options and inspire you!

Day 2:

Your path to publishing success!

You have questions about publishing a book – how to do it, where to publish it, what mechanisms to use… what are the different types of publishers? What is the difference between self/indie, traditional, and hybrid publishing?

We've got answers! After this day, you'll have a much better understanding of what publishing options there are and what is the best route for you.

Plus we dig more into Mindset, as mindset and personal growth are significant in our success in publishing our books.

Day 3

Production, Distribution, Legal – Editing, Design, Taxes, Copyright, etc

What key elements do you need? Editing, cover design, layout. Plus everything you need to know about distribution, international markets, film & tv options, considerations of legal elements and your copyright, and taxes! Today is a key day for laying some key foundations that will help you be more successful with your book and your author business.

We'll answer the questions of “What makes a good book?” and “How do I get it all done?”

Day 4

Book Launch Strategies, Marketing, Marketing, and MORE marketing! How to grow your platform and sell more books!

Whether you have already launched your book or if you're still just thinking about writing it, you can never start marketing early enough! Many writers will say they quickly learned the writing was the easy part and MARKETING is what nearly cooked their goose!

Today's session is JAM PACKED with marketing information, media information, and ideas to help you sell the heck out of your books!

Day 5

Tools, Resources, and Organizations to Help You in Your Journey

We’ve got some great information on organizations, tools, businesses, and services that help with author advocacy and publishing support, writing, publishing, and selling your book.  


You could spend THOUSANDS of dollars investing in courses, coaches, programs, and tools… OR you could spend $47 and receive more than you ever imagined. 

If you know you're going to write a book, don't miss this chance!