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The Full Agenda

Day 1

Why Write a Book? What can publishing a book do for you? What can writing your story do for OTHERS? How can you change the world with your words?

Day 1 is all about understanding the possibilities that come with writing a book. If you’re looking to grow your business, grow your platform, expand your influence, these interviews will provide options and inspire you!

Live kickoff – join host Alexa Bigwarfe on Facebook at 10am EST as we kick off this amazing event. Live events will broadcast on the Women in Publishing Summit Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WomenInPublishing/ – be sure to like and follow the page notifications so you don’t miss out!

Panel 1: {Live} Several different authors discuss why they decided to write a book and what they’ve learned from / gained from the process. Gerri Hilger, Lyn Fairchild Hawks

Day 1: {LIVE} Lise Cartwright – Mastering your inner chatter for publishing success

PANEL: Writing About Difficult Topics: Embracing Your Story to Empower Others; Featuring Kristyn Maslog-Levis, Lara Lazenby, Lois Strachan, Melinda Kunst, Kori Tomelden, Neena Speer, and Lyn Fairchild Hawks

Amy Simpkins: Innovation for Authors: Embracing the Creative Process

Joan Dempsey: The Value of Highly Contentious Topics in Fiction

Shelly Longenecker: What a Book Can do for You: A Book and a Business in Zero to Four Months

Lindsay Ford: Writing About Mental Health in Children’s Books

Eva Natiello: From Rejection to the New York Times Bestseller List: The Journey of a Self-Published Book

PANEL: The Power of Your Story: Encouragement for Women: Featuring: Laura Lyles Reagan, Claudette Freeman, Kimberly Ann Klasnic; Kerri Daniels, Marrietta Grant-Silvera

Day 2

Your path to publishing success!

You have questions about publishing a book – how to do it, where to publish it, what mechanisms to use… what are the different types of publishers? What is the difference between self/indie, traditional, and hybrid publishing?

We’ve got answers! After this day, you’ll have a much better understanding of what publishing options there are and what is the best route for you.

Plus we dig more into mindset and other relevant issues that can make or break your success in publishing.

Jodi Brandon: Is Self-Publishing Right for Me?

Dr. Joy Don Baker & Dr. Terri Goodman: What You Need to Know If You’re Co-Authoring a Book

Panel: Different Routes to Publishing with Publishers: Teri Rider, Gail Woodard, Kate Stead, Elizabeth Turnbull, and Annalisa Parent

Kate Butler: Mindset Tools to Live Your Fullest Life as an Author

Na’Ima B. Robert: Give Yourself Permission: Conquering Fear

Jen Rozenbaum: How to Flip the Script on Shame, Fear, and Self-Doubt Stop 

Diana Collins: {LIVE} Why I decided to write my story and How I Overcame the Limiting Beliefs I Told Myself

Kate Frank: Getting Your Book Ready for Profit – Using a Ghostwriter

Liliana Lopez: Latinas in Publishing

Marcelle della Faille: Writing: The Alchemy Between Love and Money

Erin Casey: Finding The “Write” Community

Panel: Planning Your Book: Dr. Jennifer Jones and C.J. Ellison

Panel: Mindset & Personal Growth Strategies for Writers: Dawn Kotzer, Pascale Kavanaugh, Dr. Lori Baudino, Cynthia Fails

Day 3

Your Tools for Success – Editing, Cover Design, Legal, Tax, International Rights

Sponsored by ProWritingAid 

What key elements do you need? Editing, cover design, interior layout, and more.

Plus the key considerations you need to consider for distribution, international rights, film & tv options, and from tax and legal standpoints. 

Panel: Book Design: Creating A Beautiful Book Cover & Key Elements of the Interior Layout: Michelle Fairbanks, Michelle Argyle, Tamara Dever

Panel: Writing: Developing Strong Writing Practices: Caroline Topperman, Eileen Cook, Kasey Mathews, Jacy Sutton

Lisa Lepki – ProWritingAid: Using Self-Editing Tools to Polish Your Writing for Clarity and Strength

Anne RainbowSelf-Editing the RedPen Way

Stacey AaronsonFinding Your “Just Right” Editor

Kathy Meis – Bublish: Book Distribution for Indie Authors

Amy Collins: How to distribute your books to libraries and sell more books

Eileen Cook: Getting Your Book into International Markets + Film & TV options

Melissa Whaley: Tax Considerations for Authors

Helen SedwickWhat You Need to Know About Copyright & Other Legal Matters for Authors

Day 4

Marketing, Marketing, and MORE marketing! How to grow your platform and sell more books!

Whether you have already launched your book or if you’re still just thinking about writing it, you can never start marketing early enough! Many writers will say they quickly learned the writing was the easy part and MARKETING is what nearly cooked their goose!

Today’s session is JAM PACKED with marketing information, media information, and ideas to help you sell the heck out of your books!

Launching, Marketing, & Promoting Your Book and YOU as the Author.

Angela J. Ford: Outside of the Box Marketing Tactics for Fiction Writers

Alinka Rutkowska: Hitting The USA Today Best-Seller List

Roshanda PrattBringing your book to life through LIVE Video

Kristi DoshPR & Marketing for Authors

Kristi Carlson: Using the News Cycle to Help Promote Your Book + How to Run a Very Successful Kickstarter

Kelly RichardsonGetting the Media to Pay Attention: PR Tricks to Market Yourself & Your Book

Diane Windsor: Introduction to Using Amazon Ads to Market Your Book

Melissa Storm: Launching a Successful Book Series

Belinda Griffin: Launch Your Book! The Difference Between Publishing & Launching a Book

Rachel ThompsonHow to Market a Book on A Socially Sensitive Topic

Jenny BerkBook Launch and Body Image

Loud PenHow to plan events to sell your book

Panel: Marketing and Promotion: Deborah Munro, Michelle Y. Talbert

Day 5

Tools, Resources, and Organizations to Help You in Your Journey

We’ve got some great information on organizations, tools, businesses, and services that help with author advocacy and publishing support, writing, publishing, and selling your book.

We’ll hear from the following individuals and organizations:

Miranda Lievers – THINKIFIC – The many ways online courses can fit within an author’s business model

Cindy Tyler – Vervante: How to Make More Money by Selling Other Products With Your Book

Diane Lasek – ListenUp Audio: Expanding Your Audience Through Audiobooks

Karen Schober-Maneely – BookBabyNavigating the Self Publishing World and BookBaby as a Resource

Judith Glory – Turn Your Book into a Course

Panel: Tools for Writing & Organizing Your Writing: Sarah St. John, Mohana Rajakumar, and Darla DeMorrow

{LIVE} Closing Panel: Why It All Matters- Patty Staco, Jody Vallee Smith, Kari Dobbs

{LIVE} Closing Keynote: Chandra Brooks: Claiming Your Seat at the Table

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