I always try to bring you the best writing and publishing deals out there. One of the reasons I do what I do is because I think publishing a book should be more accessible. I love running workshops and offering trainings for authors, and I always have my eye on that price point – I want to be sure that the lion’s share of my work is something I could have afforded when I was first starting out as a writer. 

In that spirit, I wanted to share the latest InfoStack bundle of writing and publishing tools: Write Publish Profit 4.0. You might remember I shared this limited time, $49 flat price deal last year, too, and I really recommended it to both our clients and to my wider audience. It just simply backed up the low price tag with huge value, and I have heard from so many of you over the last year who were excited to be able to grow your author career thanks to what was inside.  

And now it’s that time again! Today InfoStack is launching their Write Publish Profit 4.0 bundle, and it offers more than $8k worth of resources for writers in all genres, all for $49. So if you’ve contemplated buying even ONE of these products to further your writer’s life, you’ll already be saving money! 

  • 12 month subscription to ProWritingAid, our #1 choice for making all your writing better 
  • 12 month subscription to The Novel Factory, a step-by-step software specifically designed to help you write a better novel
  • 12 month subscription to Bublish, a way to reach 800k+ readers with engaging content featuring your book
  • 6 month subscription to StoryPlace Pro, a site where stories are optioned for film, TV and podcasts)
  • 6 month subscription to The Author Success Mastermind Community, a place to stop feeling isolated in your writing career and start connecting with others
  • 3 month subscription to Campfire Blaze, a tool to help you organize your writing
  • And much more!

Plus, there’s the included books, training and coursework that’s included, like: 

  • A 5-day course on writing a great book proposal
  • A course on creating attention-getting agent queries
  • A course on marketing that’s soup-to-nuts: from just starting out to running your author career like the small business it is!
  • A course that explains how to use crowdfunding to bring your book to life
  • A course that gives all the secrets on writing marketing copy that sells books
  • A mindset course that will train your brain for writing success
  • A course on DIY book formatting 
  • Writing courses for fiction, nonfiction and more
  • Courses on editing and revision for all genres of writing
  • And DOZENS more to give you the foundation you need to succeed!

And, of course, you’ll get MY Build Your Reader Base bundle, a $125 value, that includes my bestselling courses on Instagram for Authors and Goodreads for Authors. 

Professional development can be expensive, but this is packed with value! This small investment in your writing career will pay off big time, even if you only use one or two things that are included, so click here to grab yours now. 

This is a limited time offer, though – purchase before June 15 to get in on this deal! Click here to get your bundle today!

Write Publish Profit