An Author’s Secret Weapon: A Social Media Strategy

An Author’s Secret Weapon: A Social Media Strategy

In this digital age, social media is the best and easiest way for authors to connect with their readers and market their books. Join social media manager, Raewyn Sangari, and author, Emily A. Myers, for an in-depth session on how to use Instagram to connect with your target readers and reviewers, have a successful book launch, and continue to thrive with post-launch book sales. With a case study into Emily’s Instagram presence pre and post launch of her first book, you’ll learn how to create content that readers love and all of the tools Emily and Raewyn use to dominate in the social media sphere. Whether you’re just starting out on your writing journey or are a seasoned author, this session is sure to be packed with information you can use to take your social media game and book sales to the next level.

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Content Strategy for Authors

Content Strategy for Authors

Content Strategy for Authors! $50
March 9, 2021 | 1PM EST
This is the workshop for you if:

You're growing an email list, but don't know what to send out and when

You've started a blog, but have no idea what to write on it

You're trying to grow your social media presence, but you have no idea what to post and how frequently

Overall – you just don't know what content to produce to grow your author platform and readership

In this 90 minute workshop, we will:

Discuss what a content strategy is

Talk about how to create one

Brainstorm ideas and content

Create a content strategy for the next quarter (with the tools for you to continue for the year)

This is a workshop in which you'll come out with a tangible product and a plan!
Special bonuses included:
Blog post ideas, excel spreadsheet for planning your content strategy